Her breathing grows heavy as I take what I want. “You think this is the first time I’ve watched you?” I grunt as I fuck her harder. “You missed your last appointment.”

Her eyes pop open and she starts to shake her head. Moving down over her, I make sure each thrust is pressed right against her clit.

“You should pay better attention and not leave your phone lying around.”

“What?” There’s a slight panic in her voice, but it’s choked out by my thrusts.

“People can find out all kinds of things about you on it. They can even cancel reminders in your calendar.”

I stop moving her hips, keeping her in a tight hold. I wait and allow my words to register, letting her finally understand her reality. I’m not fucking around.

I watch the emotions play out over her beautiful face. “You’re never letting me go, are you?”

“Just getting that now? I made sure there’s no escape from me. Forever.”


I take her mouth in a punishing kiss. The thought of her not being mine makes my skin feel like it’s on fire. I bite and suck on her lips as I snake my hand into her hair. I grab a hold of her, pulling her back from my mouth for a moment.

“Open that fucking mouth, princess, and you better kiss me back. Make me believe you love it,” I growl.

She does as I command and I dominate her with my desire. I want us connected everywhere. She’s owned by me. I’ll do whatever I want with her body and she’s going to let me. I pull back before I want to, but I know we both have to breathe. Our heavy sounds fill the space and I rest my forehead against hers.

“You’re mine forever. Period.” I snap the last word

After a moment my cock gives a jerk, wanting attention, wanting the pussy wrapped around him to move, and I don’t fucking blame him.

“Now you’re going to show me how much you want it, too, that you accept what’s happening here.” I let my hand drop from her hair. I rest my arms on the back of the car seat, leaning back, taking in my fill of her. “Ride me. You’re going to milk the cum out of me.”

She moves slowly at first, her hips making me grunt in approval. I can’t keep my eyes off her as she moves. She bites her lip and I know it’s to stop her own moan. I can feel her juices making my cock wetter by the second. She can go slow all she wants. I love the fucking view and it doesn’t take much for me to cum.

“I bet your breast milk is going to be so fucking sweet when you make me a daddy. I can see it now. You riding me like this as I suck on them trying to get another baby inside you.”

Her pussy clenches hard around me. It takes everything in me not to flex up inside her. Or flip her over and fuck the shit out of her.

“Oh, you like that sound of that? Was it the talk about me sucking the milk out of your perfect tits? Keeping you pregnant?” I lean down, whispering to her. “Or the daddy part?”

Her pussy keeps clenching over and over at my words. Her hips move faster, making cum leak out of me into her tight cunt.

“Maybe I’ll have you call me daddy, too. Have the whole house calling me that. Try it.” She moans but doesn’t say a word. I lift my hard off the rest and smack the side of her ass and thigh.

“I’ll give you spankings until you do,” I growl, and smack her there again.

“Daddy!” she shouts, her head falling back. “Daddy!” she cries again. Her hips are moving faster now.

“Fuck. I thought I might have to tie your ass up. I could climb onto you over and over every time I got hard.”

“Oh God,” she moans.

“Not God. Daddy will do just fine.”

“Please touch me,” I hear her mutter, so low I almost don’t catch it. I don’t think she meant to say the words out loud, but her body has taken over, knowing what it wants.

I want to cum so fucking bad, but this is too fucking perfect.

“Look how horny you are for it. How your pussy is begging me to get you off. Are you a little cum whore, princess?”

Her pussy squeezes on me hard this time. Her body tenses as she screams out. I grip her hips, thrusting up into her as her orgasm hits. Her pulses suck my cum from me, and I grunt as I pull her toward me. I want her as close as possible as the orgasm rolls through us. Her head rests on my shoulder and I feel her teeth against my skin right before she bites me really fucking hard. But it only makes me cum more.

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