As her body slows and her muscles relax, she wiggles. My dick twitches with the last of my cum being pumped into her, and he’s still as hard as if I hadn’t fucked in years. The smell of sex fills the SUV.

I run my hands slowly up and down her hips.

“This running shit has got to stop. You’ve lost too much weight. But I guess it doesn’t matter. The baby will put the weight back on you.”

She sits up to glare at me. Then something catches the corner of our eyes. I move fast, one hand going around her throat, the other over her mouth.

“Don’t even think about it. I’ve seen that fucker out here before and he’s always got his eyes on you. You don’t want me to hurt anyone, do you?”

The man glances over at our SUV. The windows are so fogged I know he can’t see shit. But I wait as he gets in his car and pulls off.

I let go of her mouth but keep my grip on her throat. “Good girl.” I take her mouth, but this time the kiss is slow and I savor her.

Just as I push my tongue inside, I hear a tap on the window.


I open my eyes to see red and blue lights flashing behind the SUV.

“Princess,” I grit as I slide her off my dick putting it back into my pants. “Put this on.” I hand her my hoodie. She scrambles to the other side of the seat, doing as I say.

Another tap hits the window, but I make sure she’s covered before I roll it down and see the sheriff standing there.

Chapter Seven


“Morning, Harrison,” Sheriff Colton says as he lowers his mirrored aviators and looks at the man behind the wheel and then at me.

“Morning, Sheriff,” he says, ignoring me.

I go to open my mouth, but Harrison looks over at me and stops me with a glare.

“Let’s talk outside,” the sheriff says and opens the driver’s door.

“Stay here,” the man orders me as he takes the keys from the ignition.

I want to push out of the door and get the words past my lips, but they’re stuck in my throat. He climbs out and closes his door behind him. I see the working handle on his side of the SUV and scoot closer to it.

Holding my breath, I try to listen to what’s being said, but all I can hear are mumbles. I look over my body and make sure everything is covered, then push the shame and embarrassment of what I let happen in here out of my mind. I can’t let the fact that I took pleasure in everything he did to me keep me from saying what I need to.

Summoning up all the courage I have, I grab the handle and push open the door. I jump out before anyone can stop me and slam the door closed behind me.

Two sets of eyes turn on me, but the dark ones have my attention.

“I told you to stay put,” he says, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

“Look, Sheriff, this is all my fault,” I say, and there’s shock on the both of their faces. “You see, Teddy and I are renewing our vows since we got married at the courthouse. It never felt like we had a real wedding and at the time we didn’t have the money for it.”

I clench my fists and force myself to get through this.

“I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to look perfect. I’ve been sneaking out here early in the mornings to run, and Teddy warned me it wasn’t safe. But I had it in my mind that I had to be the perfect size and fit into a tiny dress.”

The sheriff gives me a soft look and nods in understanding. “I know my Rose is always going on about her curves, but she forgets that’s why I fell in love with her. I know Teddy feels the same way about you, Marley.”

I nod but keep my eyes on the ground because I feel like I’m going to cry.

“Teddy was out here proving a point this morning. And maybe fulfilling a little fantasy we’ve both talked about.”

“That’s what Harrison was telling me. I got a call about a parked car and a couple of teenagers having a good time. Guess I should have known it was my deputy from the description of the car.”

My cheeks burn bright with embarrassment, and I feel Teddy come over to me. He wraps his arms around me, putting his finger under my chin so I’m forced to look up at him.

“I feel in love with you because you have the most beautiful soul in the world, Marley.” He rubs his knuckles along my jaw, and I lean into his touch. “You’ve been trying to change the woman I fell in love with. And it’s time to stop.”