I swallow hard. I’m not willing to admit that the pull on my hair and sting in my ass are opening up all kinds of dark fantasies that should be wrong. So, so wrong.

“Please,” I beg. I’m scared to open that door. Scared about why I’m still so turned on.

He tilts my head back then runs his nose along my neck. The brush of his rough facial hair makes me bite the inside of my cheek so that I don’t moan again. My eyes go to my husband, who’s watching us. His own breathing is heavy like mine.

The man’s teeth sink into my neck. My lips part and a shaky breath escapes. I know that’s going to leave a mark for a few days.

“It’s too late,” he whispers against my ear.

My heart starts to pound as Rocky pulls back. I glance up to him, but he’s looking at Max now. His eyes are darting between the two of us.

“You didn’t know she liked it a little rough?” He makes a tsking sound.

He grabs one of my thighs in a tight hold, spreading my legs wider. I whimper as his rough hand runs up my thigh to my pussy, slipping his finger right between my slit. I can’t fight the moan this time when he reaches my engorged clit.

“That means when she’s bad you punish her.” His hand leaves my pussy before returning with a slap. My mouth opens, but no sound comes out. It’s not pain like I thought it would be. My brain chants punish me over and over against my will.

He does it again and again until my vision begins to blur.

“Give me what I came for,” I hear him say before landing another smack to my pussy.

The orgasm hits hard and I cry out as my whole body jerks. His arm goes around my waist, holding me in place so I can’t fall as I ride out the pleasure that courses through me.

“Fuck, she cums pretty.”

My eyes flutter open and I blush violently. I can’t believe I just did that.

“Don’t feel bad about loving my touch. Even your husband enjoyed the show.” My eyes snap over to Max, whose cock is once again hard. It’s like he didn’t just get off all over my breasts and face. Now he’s leaking precum and my mouth waters as I watch it roll down his length.

He pulls on his binds like he’s trying to get to me. I don’t know if it’s to fuck me or save me.

“Rub in the cum on your tits.” I glance down and see Max’s cum is still covering me. With a shaking hand I reach up and rub it into my skin, and Max growls at the sight.

I gasp when Rocky picks me up. He pushes my head down onto Max’s hard stomach and jerks my ass in the air. My eyes lock with my husband’s while Rocky grunts and knees my legs apart as he grips my hips in a firm hold.

“And now I’m gonna mark you. I’m gonna fuck you hard, girl. You’ll take me, then you’ll cum for me so we both know how much you really want this. Then I’m going to nut in you so deep you’ll never be rid of me,” he says as I feel his cock start to push inside.

Chapter Four


I look down at her pretty pink pussy and see how creamy she already is. I grab my cock and slide the head of my dick through her folds and pull it back to see how shiny it is.

“You liked getting that pussy spanked, didn’t you, sugar tits?” I laugh and shake my head. “You don’t have to answer that. I can see it for myself.” I look at Max as I put the head of my cock right at her opening and tease her with it. “I bet you wish you could get out of those ropes right about now, huh?”

He strains against the knots and shouts through the gag as I sink into her a few inches. I have to stop and catch my breath because she’s so fucking hot and tight.

“Goddamn, girl. You are tight as fuck.” I wipe my lips with the back of my hand and pull in a shaky breath. “I don’t want to go off too fast, but this pussy is magic.”

I thrust all the way in, needing her wrapped around me. When I feel the heat of her cunt at my balls I look over at Max and wink. Allison shouts as she grips the sheets tight in her fists and tries to pull away from me. But I’ve got a hold of her hips so she can’t go anywhere.

“Go ahead and fight. I know you like it,” I say as I fuck her harder.

I put one hand on her back and hold her down on the mattress as I pound in and out of her from behind. She’s kicking her legs wildly on either side of me, but the whole time her pussy is creaming my cock. She’s fucking dripping for it no matter what she says right now. There’s no denying how she’s holding on to my dick and begging it not to leave.

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