Her hand looked so small compared to his length, but she managed to encircle him and hold on. Slowly, she explored him, feeling the solidness, the softness, the heated damp, all of him.

“Don’t stop, baby,” he asked so softly she almost didn’t hear him. “I’m so close.”

He surprised her by cupping her bare breast, tweaking her nipple and nearly distracting her from her mission. He seemed determined to stretch out their pleasure, but as her climax threatened, it only made her focus on him sharper, hotter.

She ached inside, wanting him there, but knowing he was right, damn him. When his other hand found the damp between her thighs again, she cried out, convulsing against his touch. He moved against her palm, arching hard into her touch.

This time he shattered with her, and it was his growl of pleasure that bounced off the walls.

* * *

SOMEONE WAS POUNDING. On something hard. Tara opened her eyes to darkness.

“Stay here.”

That was Morgan’s voice. Everything came rushing back. That she remembered, but what was going on now? She felt the mattress move and could tell he was refastening his jeans. She felt her cheeks flame.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered.

He stood and suddenly a small light over the fridge blazed bright in the tiny space.

“What time is it?” Tara covered her eyes against the sudden light.

“I don’t know. Late. Sorry.” He didn’t bother to put on a shirt. The pounding started again. “Stay here.”

He turned to climb down, then stopped. “Just so you know, I’m not hiding you. I don’t want you getting any crap.” He smiled, then disappeared out the driver’s door of the truck.

As soon as he left, she scrambled off the mattress and fished her missing clothes from beside the bed. How had they gotten there? She didn’t want to know and let herself smile as she redressed.

She hadn’t had very many serious relationships. And she certainly wasn’t the one-night-stand type. Relationships always got her into trouble because she was so focused, and sometimes that focus got too much like tunnel vision. She’d decided to put all her energy into her business, but now she had to figure out how to do both. She had to. She wanted both Morgan and her business in her life.

The door opened and she stepped into the shadows.

“Thanks, man. I’ll be right back.” Morgan shut the door and was right there again.

“Hi.” She smiled up at him.

“Hi.” He smiled back and reached out to finish re-buttoning her shirt, this time straight. “I wish I could stay and undo all this all over again.” He kissed her, fast and deep. “But I gotta go.”

He reached over her head and pulled a clean shirt and his jacket out of a cupboard.

“Where to?” She asked it casually, but his hesitation took all the casual out of everything. He didn’t want to tell her. And the longer they stood, staring at each other, the more she realized he wasn’t going to.

Why did that realization hurt?

“I really gotta go.” He turned and opened the door again. “Give me about ten minutes, then leave. There aren’t too many people out here.”

Only her customers and staff. “Yeah. Sure.” He closed the door with a loud wham, and she sank to sit on the edge of the bunk. He was gone, and she had no idea what he thought of anything. Her cheeks warmed and she buried her face in her hands.

Ten minutes was a hell of a long time all of a sudden.

* * *

TARA STARED AT the nearly full parking lot. Not very many people? Right. What parking lot had Morgan been looking at? She hurried toward the diner, knowing her staff had expected her back ages ago. Maybe with the crowd, they’d been too busy to notice. Yeah, right.

Several people were actually standing around the doorway, waiting to be seated. She slipped through, a rush of excitement going through her. This was what she’d hoped for, what she needed to make a go of this place.

“Wow, we might not be able to get a seat,” a woman said, making Tara turn around.

“We’ll get in,” the man beside her reassured her. “I don’t mind waiting, if you don’t.” Tara had to see this guy. Even her brother Wyatt, the kindest of her siblings, wouldn’t make such a syrupy sweet promise.

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