Page 12 of A Fated Night

Maybe. Ken’s rich sensuality was the kind of thing Lana wanted to eat up – blind. Tie that necktie around my eyes and make me explore you with my tongue, you bastard. Was he into that sort of thing? Lana didn’t think she could handle it if he were. He would be too perfect. Gag.

Oooh, gagging. That was fun too…

“We still could,” she said with a haughty sniff. “Just because we want to fuck doesn’t mean we can’t speak hypothetically about what would happen if I came to work with you. You know, assuming we don’t have sex.”

He pushed his left hand against his knee, facing her with an incredulous look. “That’s quite the head game.”

I know, and I hate head games. She did love role playing.

“Come on.” Her nipples hardened in her bra. Christ. What was wrong with her? She was better than this. She was Lana Losers! The woman who could turn it off and on at will! Or at least until now. What was this man doing to her? Don’t tell me I’m wet too. Don’t think I could handle that truth. “It’s why we met, isn’t it?”

When did her hand land in the space between her and Ken? When did he think it was a good time to touch her hand… and not for a shake?

Oh. God.

Lana gripped the armrest with her other hand. Her whole body braced itself for the intense rush overcoming it. One touch. One fucking touch! The man didn’t even have huge hands, yet it was like they dwarfed hers! I’m shrinking. That’s the only explanation.

“If you want me to go,” Ken said, his voice deeper than Lana had heard it before, “I’ll go. If you decide that the firm I work for is one that you would like to be employed at, I’ll make sure this is never brought up again. It’ll be like I was never here.” The way his hand started to squeeze hers implored Lana to tell him to stay.

“Like you were never here?” she braved saying. “Don’t give me that kind of whiplash. The moment you leave I’ll be thinking of nothing but you.” She looked away, although she did not reclaim her hand from his. “I’ll go crazy with regret.”

“Well, then.” Was Ken scooting closer to her? Yes. Of course he was. Lana could almost feel his breath on the back of her neck. What she could definitely feel was his hand letting go of hers and snaking seductively up her arm. Fingers as thick as whatever clogged Lana’s throat pushed hair away from her ear, allowing Ken to whisper directly into it. “I don’t want you to feel regret.”

Her hand slipped across his thigh. Tight. Hard. The man did not want for a better exercise regimen. Maybe he’s not that much older than me. Lana hadn’t thought to ask. What did it matter? He could be twenty-five or thirty-five. All she knew was that she wanted him, and the bastard clearly wanted her.

Finally, she turned her head toward his, causing their lips to brush. Another spark set off like a tiny firework between them. How cruel. Lana really did not have a choice now. Business? It could never be. This man was already inside of her.



“Your move.” Those words vibrated against Lana’s lips. Her whole body vibrated. She could already feel his hands on her, squeezing her, caressing her, groping her hips and breasts as he did whatever felt the most natural. Please don’t tell me my fantasies are better than reality. Lana couldn’t bear it. Like she could no longer bear not knowing what it was like to kiss this man.

Her move, indeed.

Kisses weren’t supposed to be silent. They were supposed to be loud, obstructive, and misophonic to everyone not involved. Those were the best kinds of kisses. Lana would sign up to get a kiss like that every day of her life. Tongues everywhere. Lips crashing together. Moans and saliva out the ass. So why was she losing her shit over a kiss that didn’t make a single sound at all? Because it was with him?

Lana hadn’t tentatively kissed a guy since she was thirteen and realizing that sex was a viable thing one could have for pleasure. I’m no virgin about three hundred times over. Yet it seemed right to only lightly peck Ken’s lips, as if testing the waters of their chemistry was the best course of action. No jumping in. No being frivolous about two bodies making love. Something more stirred in the undercurrents of their mutual attraction. Something that made Lana open her mouth the moment she confirmed she liked kissing this man.