Page 26 of A Fated Night

Ken’s eyes widened. “That’s what I keeping saying.” Apparently the topic change was a pleasant one for him. Why did I come here again? Did it matter? “Diversification is important. Housing is good here, but I worry about what’s looming on the horizon. Same with business buildings. Hotels are a safer bet at the moment.”

“Why don’t you run this place?”

“Oh, no. I’m not interested in running buildings. I want to own them and reap the benefits. I hire other people to do the bullshit for me.” The man had a sexy wicked grin, Lana had to give him that. “Perhaps I’ll flip it to someone who would rather get into that sort of thing. I hear the Mathers are always looking for more hotels to command.”

What a curious man. An ambitious man, too. Ambition is like a drug for me. Lana had some tough life lessons under her belt when it came to men and their ambitions. She was attracted to masculine courage. Except most of the men she gravitated toward for something more serious turned out to be complete idiots with their courage. Ken was one of the most careful men she had come across in a while. Dang. I legit have a crush on him now. First he was good in bed, and now this madness? Heresy.

“Anyway,” Ken said with a cross of his legs. Is he getting turned on too? This was turning dangerous. “My main reason for inviting you here has nothing to do with my personal holdings and plans. I wanted to let you know something. About the grapevine around the conference.”

Lana perked up with dignity. “Good things, I hope.”

“Let’s say you truly are a popular woman. To the point where I would hate to see you get lured down a dark path.”

She furrowed her brows. “I can assure you that I know what I’m about.”

“I didn’t mean to suggest that you don’t, but men talk. Behind women’s backs.” Ken fondled the stem of his wineglass. We drank wine last night and then had some of the best sex ever. Lana could still remember how firm and wonderful he felt between her legs, whether he pinned her down or she rode him to a second orgasm. If that was what he could do with his cock, then what could he do with his fingers and tongue? A woman wanted to know. For science. “Many firms are interested in hiring you. Their goal isn’t only to use you for money, though.”

Something uncomfortable settled in her stomach. “They want me for my body more than my mind. That’s not hard to figure.”

He studied her reaction for a long time. “Indeed. Not just your future coworkers. Your future bosses as well. Please be careful, Lana. Be very selective in who you choose to work for.”

She snorted. “Is that what you brought me here to tell me? That men are sexist pigs?” Lana shot him another look from across the table. “I’m well aware of that. Like I’m well aware you would be a nightmare boss and want me for the same reason your colleagues are bragging about wanting to fuck me.”

“Yes, I admit it,” Ken was quick to say. “If you worked for me, Lana, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you.” His elbows were back on the table, face coming closer to hers. “I’d make a fool of myself with my lust for you. That’s why I could never hire you.”

At least he was honest about it. “Not even for your future firm that is sure to take over New York?”

“Absolutely not. The only way that could work is if I married you.”

Lana almost dropped her wineglass.

“Then I could fuck you whenever I wanted without it coming between us professionally.”

He said it so candidly! As if he had said he wanted roast beef for dinner!

Stunned, Lana sat back in her chair and decided he was joking. That was the only way to deal with it.

A very hilarious joke.

She laughed.

“Do I amuse you?” Ken asked.

Lana took a final swig of her wine. Last time we had wine together… we had sex. Was this a sign of more things to come? And come? And come? “Admit it, Mr. Andrews. You invited me because you wanted to be alone with me again. Like I don’t know most of those men entertaining me out there only want me for my tight cunt. That you took for a spin last night, nonetheless.”