Page 49 of A Fated Night

He lathered himself with sandalwood body wash. Such a stereotypical scent to get, isn’t it? Yet Lana hadn’t complained. She was happy to bury her nose in his scent and smile serenely, as if that was the only scent she wanted to experience for the rest of her life. You can, you know. Ken would never say it out loud. That he wanted Lana for much, much longer than this conference would last.

Today was the last day. Tomorrow, Lana was going back to DC and whatever life she had there.

Honestly, how unfair. Why did she get to leave Ken to pick up whatever pieces were left in her wake? So much for that fling she was talking about. He was going to lose his mind at this rate. Feel it explode in his skull and leave disgusting pieces all over his shower floor. With any luck, the shower water would wipe the tiles clean before the cleaning lady showed up to scream over what she discovered.

He didn’t want to say he was in love. That wasn’t fair to Lana or himself.

Ken washed the last of the shampoo and soap off his body. He was about to shut off the shower when a naked figure strolled into his bathroom, a picture of feminine veracity on the other side of his opaque shower door.

“Room for one more?” Lana leaned against the wall next to the shower entrance. Her sleepy look made Ken smile. Her naked, curvy body made that morning wood refuse to go away. “I need a shower too, Mr. Andrews.”

He cracked open the door. “There’s always room for you in here, Ms. Losers.”

“Ooh, nifty.” She pushed it open wide enough to step through. “You haven’t seen anything until you see water dripping off these tits.”

“You know how to sell a co-ed shower.” Naturally, Ken’s eyes went straight to her breasts once she stepped beneath the showerhead. He refrained from helping himself to them.

“So.” Lana pulled her hair aside, letting the water spill over her shoulder and, yes, down her breasts. Ah, yes, the ever-helpful nipple. So taut. So hard. So without my mouth on them. What a crime. Mornings weren’t supposed to be this hard. Hm, nice choice of words, Ken… “Today’s the last day of the conference. Every heterosexual male there wants to bone me, and yet you’re the only one who has had the honors. You’re also the only one who doesn’t want to hire me for his firm… heh, firm.” Good to know that they both had dirty minds. “Where does that leave us, exactly?”

Dare Ken hope? “You were the one who called this a fling.” He pulled his body wash off the shelf and gestured lathering her up. Lana shrugged with a smile on her makeup-less face. “I’m the one offering to make something work if you’re willing to put in your half of the effort.” He said that as soothingly as possible, or at least as soothingly as the pounding water against tile would let him. Ken assumed that his careful touch to her shoulders and hips as he worked the soap into a lather would be enough to get his intentions across.

“I know. You’ve said as much a few times.” She lifted her hair so he could reach over her shoulders and grab her breasts. “Like I said, I don’t do long distance relationships that well.”

“You make it sound like we would be apart for months at a time. Hardly. It’s not difficult to fly down to DC on weekends or fly you up to New York. Or we could meet somewhere in between. I hear Boston is a lovely place for disgustingly sweet hookups.”

She rested her head on his shoulder. Shower water blasted her chest, steam rising around their faces. “I’ll think about it,” she said. “Maybe you could further convince me tonight. I have to go to that party in my honor, but after that I fully expect to have someone give me my real reward for being the best realtor this past year.”

“Oh, oh, pick me.” He licked the water off her neck while giving her breasts a hearty squeeze. His cock tickled the length of her ass. Lana squirmed in giggling delight. “I know a lot of ways to congratulate you.”

She turned in his arms, easing him against the shower wall. Hands explored his chest, his abs, the mess of freshly washed black hairs that surrounded his cock. His hard cock, he had to note. “Do you? You can get started now. I’m not leaving this shower without an orgasm to start my day.”