Page 50 of A Fated Night

Her hair was plastered against her skin now. Even drenched from head to toe, she was startling gorgeous… and apparently full of all sorts of ideas, for instead of asking him to finger her, to fuck her, or to eat her out one last time, she stroked the underside of his cock and slowly sank to her knees.

“But let’s start with yours.”

Ken would love to start every day of the rest of his life like this. What man wouldn’t?

Chapter 10

“She’ll Be A Distraction.”

“There you are!” Charlie Bachman approached with son David only a step behind him. Ken jerked up from his seat in the hotel lobby. Around his feet were the bags of conference materials he was putting together for Lois & Bachman’s perusal on Monday morning. “Why the hell aren’t you answering my calls, Andrews?”

What the hell is he doing here? Ken stood and instantly extended his hand for his boss to shake. Charlie continued to smile at him while shaking his hand, so apparently Ken was not in trouble. For now. “What calls?” He pulled his hand back and dusted off his pant leg. I didn’t realize until I left my apartment that I put on the wrong pants. Most people wouldn’t notice. Lana, who had followed a few paces behind him to the conference so she wouldn’t draw too much suspicion, informed him via email that his ass looked oh so tight in those even tighter pants. “I never received any calls from you.”

A perplexed Charlie parroted a phone number that no longer belonged to Ken. Not since he changed carriers and upgraded his phone two months ago. Sheesh. How could Charlie still be trying to use Ken’s old number? Who had received a bunch of texts and voicemails regarding some stuffy real estate conference?

“I knew it wasn’t right for you to ignore me like that.” Charlie sat in the chair next to Ken’s. His portly figure spoke of a man who had lived well his whole life. Technically, he and business partner Richard Lois had built their real estate enterprise from the ground up, but both men had extensive family connections and their own personal coin to get a head start on things. Ken wouldn’t hold that against them, though. He couldn’t. Otherwise he would be a hypocrite, and almost nothing disgusted him more. “I told myself that you were either so busy your world was crumbling at this conference, or that you had a lobotomy between the office and the hotel. Either way, figured I’d drop by and talk to you face to face.”

“How good of you.” Because what Ken really needed right now was the boss checking up on him. “I can assure you that everything has been going swimmingly.” He wasn’t talking about his love life, either. When Ken wasn’t obsessing over Lana, he managed to get a fair amount of work done. Although, as the days went on, it became increasingly more difficult to ignore the pull drawing him and Lana together.

“How’s the networking?”

“Better than ever.” Ken cocked one leg over the other so his largest binder balanced in his lap. Facts and figures from the most recent talk he attended still waited to be analyzed. Usually a man like Ken would have an assistant go over the figures in his stead, but if Ken wanted to run his own business one day, he needed to know every number intimately. Just like he knew Lana Losers intimately by now. “We’ve had private conferences with both the Miami group and the LA firm. There’s a Philadelphia agency that proves to be a promising lead for future partnerships. Not to mention a rumors that Kevin, Schumer, and Lovitz from Providence might be in the market to sell.” Keven and Schumer had been gravely injured in separate skiing accidents. Lovitz couldn’t run the firm by himself so, Ken figured, there was an opportunity to sweep in and save the business while also moving into a lucrative business market.

Charlie waved these thoughts away with a wrinkled hand. “All good. Now, tell me about this woman everyone is gossiping like they’re in a hen house about.”

The pen flicking between Ken’s fingers dropped to his lap. “What’s that?”

David Bachman, who stood behind his father, pumped his fist in Ken’s direction. “Don’t be a stick in the mud, Ken. You know who he’s talking about.”