Page 65 of A Fated Night

“Only if you promise to never pull a stunt like that again.” Lana glared at him when she handed the paper back.

“This is your captain speaking,” a voice said over the speakers. “We’ve reached our cruising altitude. You are free to move about the cabin.”

“I promise,” Ken said. “But I don’t promise to always behave. I like to think fate has brought us together for other reasons.”

“Hmph.” Lana watched as two passengers rose from their seats to line up for the lavatories. Once they passed, she leaned in toward Ken and whispered in his ear, “You ever join the Mile-High Club?”

Ken chuckled. “When I was fifteen.”

Damn. I was nineteen. Lana needed to think of something else. “You ever have a prostate-induced orgasm at three thousand feet in the air?”

Ah, there went those eyebrows. I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to get a rise out of him, aren’t I? “Now that I haven’t done, no.” He took her hand again, this time with infinite tenderness. “Why? You ever get your G-spot rammed in an airplane?”

Lana took the paper and pen again.

“Me. You. First Class lavatory in five minutes.”

“Five minutes? What do we do until then?”

Get hard and wet. Lana squeezed his hand back. “Talk, I suppose.”

“Good.” He leaned in closer, his breath so intoxicatingly hot on her cheek. “You know what I’m going to need?” he said. “I’m going to need a partner to help me with my plans. I can’t think of anyone smarter or more beguiling than you to be my business partner.”

“Oh, Kenny,” Lana said with a pout. “I guess you haven’t heard. I was told you don’t fuck where you do business.”

“I do now.”

Lana had a lot to think about, didn’t she? When she flew in for the conference a few days ago, she knew her life was going to change for the better. What she didn’t expect was falling in love and having the strangest business pitch thrown at her. Going into business with Ken Andrews? She doubted such a thing would happen right away, but it certainly gave her some thoughts she never considered before.

Oh, who was she kidding? The #1 thought on her mind right now had to do with the handsome man inviting her into his hold with those come-hither eyes. She’d do him one better and kiss those lips hiding in the midst of his carefully groomed goatee.

The ice around her heart instantly melted. This was it. Lana didn’t know if it really was fate that kept bringing them together, but she did know one thing.

This was the truest love she would ever experience. She’d be a fool to cast it out of her life again.


“We Sure Are, Mrs. Andrews.”

    Another bead popped off Lana’s dress and rolled beneath her sister’s stiletto heels. The ever-clumsy Inid slumped right down onto the floor, her puppy-dog eyes shooting her big sister a truly pathetic look.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Lana looked back to the mirror. The stylist had done a fantastic job getting her hair in order for her big day, but her sister had already fucked up Lana’s natural part and got duct tape tangled against the nape of her neck. What was she even doing with duct tape at City Hall? “At this rate I’m evicting you from my wedding!”

“Don’t be such a Bridezilla,” Juliet Losers said to her daughter. She was on her fifth glass of expensive champagne already. It was a miracle she could walk in her nude flats, let alone summon the seamstress on standby to fix Lana’s dress for her. “Inid’s trying to help. She wants some of your good luck for herself.” Juliet sniffed in her youngest’s direction. “At this rate she’s never getting married, let alone to anyone respectable.”

What the fuck did Lana care about her sister’s dating prospects? She was the one getting married today!

It had been two and a half years since she met Ken Andrews, the man she knew she would one day marry but never had the guts to admit to herself. Two years of dating. Lana ended up taking the job at Lois & Bachman and joining their team by the end of 2003. As Ken promised, the day she first showed up to the office, he did his due diligence showing her around and then promptly handed Charlie Bachman his letter of resignation. His last day there, he dipped Lana at his going away party and gave her the kind of kiss that broadcasted to the whole company who they were to each other. By then, they had been together for six months and were already exchanging the L word like it was hello.