She’s looking at me with pity. Why does no one believe me when I say I’m over Emily? Damn, I could care less about her. But the thought of letting Megan back out of this date does bother me.

“No, Megan. I need you tonight. It would help me a lot if you would be there with me,” I tell her, playing on her sympathetic side.

She nods at me and I put my arm around her and guide her to the door.


Well, this explains the white angel costume I’m wearing. He helped me into his truck and I watch as he walks around to the driver’s side. He has on black pants and a tight black T-shirt. The long red cape and the devil horns on his head makes him appear even more of a bad boy than he already does.

I shake my head thinking about Emily and what she did to him. The woman is crazy. That’s the only excuse for it.

When he gets in the car, he puts his seat belt on and grips the steering wheel. I watch his tattooed forearms flex and I automatically get that familiar burn in my lower belly that I get anytime I’m around him.

“So how you going to play this, Meg?” he asks me as he puts the car into drive.

I still haven’t taken my eyes off him. “What do you mean? Play what?”

“Well, we’re getting back at Emily right, making her jealous? You going to act like you can’t keep your hands off of me, or what?”

I don’t respond. I can’t. I really should have thought this through. How the hell am I going to pull this off without making a fool of myself? Heck, he’s lucky I haven’t tried to straddle him already.

“I really don’t think she will be jealous of me. I’m here more for moral support,” I tell him softly. But the thought of putting my hands on him has me putting them under my legs on the seat.

We stop at a red light and he looks over at me. “Oh, you are definitely going to turn heads tonight. There’s no doubt in my mind. I’ll probably have to punch my brothers if they look at you too long.”

I slide my legs together while he’s gazing at them. His hand reaches out and grips my knee and I can’t take my eyes off it. I tune out everything else he says.

He squeezes me again and then releases my leg to touch my shoulder. “Hey Megan, what do you think?”

Damn. I wasn’t paying attention. All I could think about was his big hand on me.

“I’m sorry,” I say and then clear my throat. The lust I’m feeling causes my voice to sound much lower than normal. “What did you say?”

He smiles at me and it about takes my breath away. The light turns green and he starts driving again. “I said I think I need you to act like you can’t keep your hands off me. I appreciate the moral support, but I’m going to need you to not hold back tonight. Can you act like you like me – that you’re hot for me – for one night?”

I try to keep my face void of expression. He doesn’t know that I’ve loved him since high school. He doesn’t know that most of my “sexual” experience has been with him in my head and me alone in my bedroom. Do I think I can act like I like him? Hell, I can act like I love him. But I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to me tomorrow after being in his arms tonight?

Chapter 3


What the fuck was I thinking? Oh, Megan is doing everything right. After hugging both my parents, she hasn’t left my side. Her hand is always on me – either in mine, against my chest, around my waist, at the nape of my neck, or on my leg. We still haven’t seen Emily or my brother. But right now, I can give two fucks about them. All I can think about is the little blond bombshell in my arms. Thank goodness for my cape. I’ve shielded my hard cock from half the county now.

We’ve eaten, played games and now everyone is milling around, hanging out and talking. I slide my hand down her back and I swear I can feel her tremble. “Dance with me, Meg.”

When she nods, I guide her to the dance floor with my hand at the small of her back. I wrap my arms around her body and hers go around my neck. With her body pressed against mine, there’s no way I can hide my erection from her. And I’ve decided I don’t want to. All the reasons I had in the past for not being with her- she’s too young, she’s my sister’s best friend – none of them are good enough anymore. There’s nothing to stop me from having her now. She’s mine. All I have to do is convince her of it.

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