She looks to the side and with a frown on her face, she says, “Ford and Emily are here, Jackson.”

I don’t know what she expects, but I can tell I surprise her when I slide both my hands down her back and pull her body closer against mine. My long, hard rod is pressed against her belly and her eyes snap up to mine when she feels it. Groaning, I lean my head down against hers. “Fuck, Meg. I knew you were hot, but I had no idea it would feel this good to have you in my arms. If I had, I would have put you here years ago.”

I see hope flare in her eyes, but she tamps it down quickly, ridding her face of all expression. One more inch and my lips will be on her. I know that my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, hell, half the town is here and probably watching us, but I can’t hold back. I can’t stop myself.

I stop swaying and press my lips to hers. Just a little tentative kiss. I want to taste her, just something to tide me over until we get out of here and I have her to myself. But I can’t stop. Her lips open against mine and I sweep my tongue inside, not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind. She tastes of the apple pie we just ate and, well, like home to me.

I deepen the kiss and glide my hands down her back, cupping each of her round cheeks and pulling her roughly against me. She moans into my mouth and I can feel the precum leaking from my dick. I pull away from her and when I do, she buries her face into my chest.

It’s muffled, but I’m able to make it out. “I’m so sorry, Jackson. I don’t know what’s come over me. Darn it, I’m so sorry.”

I use my finger to tilt her head up to me and her chin rests on my pecs. “Honey, I stopped because I didn’t want anyone to see you like that. That little moan of yours, I don’t want anyone else to hear that but me.”

She presses her face against me again. I look around and can see half my family smiling at me. I only nod at them and then I grab her hand to walk her off the dance floor. When we get to the edge, Emily steps in front of us.

“You’re an embarrassment, Jackson. You dumped me a month ago and now people are going to think you replaced me with her.” Emily sneers at me. I can feel the hatred vibrating off of her. I realize now that I never really did know this woman. She’s nothing like what I thought she was.

“It’s over, Emily,” I say. “Quit calling me, quit texting me. We’re done.”

Megan looks up at me with surprise. I haven’t told anyone that Emily wants us to get back together. I’m done with her and there’s not a chance in hell I would ever go back to her.

I grip Megan’s hand tighter and smile down at her, while Emily stomps her feet. “Look at her, though, Jackson. You could have at least found someone that wasn’t so fa-“

I drop Megan’s hand and take a step toward Emily and thankfully she shuts her mouth before she finishes that sentence. Rage is rolling through my veins. I would never hit a woman, but hell, I don’t ever think I’ve come closer than this.

Megan steps between us and turns toward me. Her hand slides up my chest, wrapping around my neck and pulling my face down to look at her. “I thought you were taking me home, Jax, honey?”

My nostrils flare and I lean down and kiss her briefly before pulling her to the door, waving at my family as we walk by them.


Darn, I wasn’t ready for that. My dreams have not done Jackson any justice. The man knows how to kiss. He’s dragging me to his truck and when I ask him to slow down, he stops, tosses me over his shoulder and keeps on walking.

“Jax!” I hiss at him. I slap him on his back. “Jax! I don’t have any underwear on,” I tell him. He instantly slides his hand up the back of my thigh and caresses my bare naked ass cheek. I try to lean around him and I’m praying that no one is outside to see my bare ass in the air. I hear him say “Oh fuck” and then he starts walking again and doesn’t stop until he’s standing next to his truck.

He puts my feet on the ground and then presses my back against the truck. He grips my chin and forces me to look at him. “Where’s your underwear?”