I pull myself from his grip. “I had red underwear on and you could see it. I didn’t have time to go home and get any and geez, there’s no way Abby’s would have fit me. So that was my only option.”

He moves in close to me and puts his hands at my waist. “So, you’re telling me that you have been without underwear all night. You’ve had nothing on underneath that dress all night?”

I nod and press further into the truck. His eyes never leave mine, but his hand starts to slide down my belly, down the length of my dress and then he strokes my leg. A gasp escapes me when I first feel his fingers on my bare leg. He slides his hand up my inner thigh and I suck in a deep breath and hold it. Oh my, it’s getting real. He moves tantalizingly slow and I finally release the breath I was holding because I can’t hold it anymore. When he reaches my slit, I know that he can feel the stickiness of my desire on his fingertips. Being this close to him all night, I knew I would be a mess down there.

He slides his finger through my wet opening and I grab on to his wrists and squeeze.

“You like that, don’t you, honey?” He strokes deeper into me and I spread my legs and go up on my tiptoes to give him better access. “You’re soaked, baby. Fuck, if I had known that you were bare under this dress I would have never survived it in there.”

When his hand touches my clit, I groan loudly and he covers his mouth with mine, swallowing the deep moans leaving my mouth. When we hear people talking and coming out of the dance hall, he pulls his hand out from under my skirt and holds me to him. Gasping for breath, he releases my mouth and leans his head against mine.

All I can do is stare up at him. When he puts his finger to his lips and sucks the wetness off of it, my heart about stops. Embarrassment floods me. He just tasted me. My face flushed, I look everywhere but at him. “Fuck, Meg, you taste amazing. I always knew you would.” My eyes flash to his and the lust in them makes me want to drop to my knees and put my mouth on him.

He pulls me away from the truck, opens the door and lifts me into the seat. He leans in and puts my seatbelt on before slamming the door and running around to the driver’s side.

He peels out of the parking lot and drives fast down the road. The silence is deafening. I have no idea where were going, but I know he’s driving the opposite way of my house.

“I live the other way, Jax,” I tell him, fumbling with the folds of my skirt.

He reaches over and grabs hold of my inner thigh. I wait to see what he’s going to do next, but he doesn’t move. Just holds on to me tightly. “I’m taking you home with me, honey. If that’s not what you want, you better tell me now,” he says huskily.

Like a hussy, I spread my legs apart only slightly. But he notices. His hand slides up my inner thigh and when he reaches my sticky wet folds, he palms me and holds on to me. The heat of him against my core about has me lifting my hips off the seat.

“Tell me, baby. Do you want to go home with me?” He asks me again, while applying more pressure between my legs.

I know I need to go to my own home, my own bed, by myself. My head is telling me that. But my heart and my body is telling me something else. After all these years, I’m being given a chance to make my dreams come true. I’m not stupid. I’m going to grab on to this opportunity and relish it. Heck with tomorrow. I’ll worry about that then. Tonight, I’m his. “Yes, yes, I would like to go home with you,” I tell him.

Chapter 4


I didn’t realize until I hear her say the word ‘yes’ that I was holding my breath. But once she does, I press on the gas and hightail it across town to my house, praying she doesn’t change her mind.

When I whip into my driveway, I run around the truck and help her down, all but dragging her into the house. Once inside, I don’t turn on any lights or show her around. I’ll do that later. Right now, I am not going to stop or think straight until my cock is buried ten inches deep inside her.

Once in the house, I lean her against the door, caging her in with my arms on each side of her. I bend down and nuzzle her neck with my nose. Breathing her in, I’m holding back to try and give her time, but I know it won’t last. “You smell so good, Meg,” I tell her as I kiss up her neck and then press my lips to hers. When she moans against my mouth, I deepen the kiss and then with my hands wrapped around her thighs, I lift her into my arms. Her legs go around me and I know I should take her to the bedroom, but there’s no time.

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