I look at him with hooded eyes. I slowly start to lower myself onto him. When his girth is stretching me and feels like it’s breaking me in two, I stop.

“Baby, you can do this. Has anyone been inside this sweet cunt before? Fuck, you’re so tight.” he asks me.

“Yes. Yeah, one time, but he wasn’t as endowed…” I start to tell him, but he interrupts me.

“No, baby, I don’t want to hear about any other man,” he says and then lifts his hips like he’s punishing me for talking about someone else.

The pain is there, but so is the heat. I stare into his eyes and lower myself onto him. The pain intensifies until I’m fully seated onto him, and then it slowly subsides. I want to move. Darn, I want to move. The whole time, his eyes are meeting mine. I can see the strain in his face and the sweat at his temple.

I lift up and slowly lower myself onto him. His hands grip me harder and he starts to help me move up and down on him. With each thrust, I tighten my core, holding on to him.

“Fuck, baby. Fuck. I’m going to come.” His hand goes between us and he rubs my clit until my hips are circling against him.

He’s now lifting his hips, pumping into me with each of my downward strokes. I open my thighs wider and on my next stroke, he plunges into me and holds me there as we both succumb to the climax vibrating through our bodies. I milk him and thick ropes of cum shoot against my inner walls. When I’m totally depleted, my body drops against him and he’s rubbing my back and kissing my shoulder.

The night doesn’t end there. By early morning, he had me bent over the kitchen table while he took me from behind, he had me in the shower as he took me against the wall, and this last time, he took pity on my sore and swollen lady parts and kissed me and licked me softly until I came on his tongue.

I finally fell asleep in his bed with his body wrapped around mine.

Chapter 5


I stretch and sigh as every part of my sore body strains in the movement. It’s a sore feeling, but it feels so good. I stick my arm out and the coldness of the sheets shocks me awake.

I lift my head and Megan’s not there. She’s not in my bed. I jump out of bed and go in search of her. Hell, I don’t even waste time putting on pants because when I find her, I’m going to show her what happens when she gets out of my bed before I’m awake. I walk through the quiet house.

She’s not in the bathroom, the kitchen, dining room or the living room. I go search through the guest rooms and she’s not there either. I walk onto my back porch and check the front. Luckily, I don’t have any neighbors or else they would be getting a shock this morning. I slam the door shut behind me and walk toward the bathroom.

I shower quickly and then throw on some clean clothes before grabbing my keys. When I get to the job site, I seek out my sister. “Where is she?” I ask her.

She turns off the saw and yells at me, “What?”

“Where’s Megan?” I ask her again. When I see the smile lift on her lips, I put my hands together and clutch them in front of me.

“I haven’t seen her. Why? What did you do, Jackson? You better not have hurt her,” she tells me with her hand on her hip.

“Where does she work?” I demand of her.

“Do you never pay attention? She owns the coffee shop, Courthouse Coffee, downtown.” She rolls her eyes at me and now that she mentions it, I do remember her mentioning her coffee shop. Fuck, this girl has got me all screwed up.

“Thanks,” I tell her as I start striding back to my truck.

“Sure. Hey, are you going to work today? Maybe help us out a little,” she yells back at me.

“Yeah, I’ll be back,” I yell out the window right before I start my truck up and peel out of the driveway.


I have my hair up in a knot on top of my head and I’m rushing around the shop trying to get everything ready for the day’s morning rush.

If I had the time, I would be thinking about last night and Jackson, but it’s probably a good thing I don’t have that luxury.

The morning flies by and then toward the end of the rush, Jackson strides into the shop and crowds the line. “Megan. We need to talk,” he tells me, obviously frustrated.

“Jax, you see the line we have. I can’t talk right now,” I tell him right before I flip on the espresso machine. I can see his mouth moving, but I can’t hear a word he’s saying. Once the cups are full, I flip the switch off and instantly hear Jax in the middle of his tirade. “I expected you to be in my bed this morning.”

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