He’d push his fingers in deeper and grow hard, his cock jutting against those loose scrubs, the prick of it bumping against my leg as he moved around me. He’d shift his stance and reach down to adjust it. Glance at the door and struggle with the moral dilemma.

He wouldn’t be able to resist. Not when I sat back on the exam table and opened my legs. Not when he saw the damp spot on the crotch of my panties, the evidence of my need. Not when I unclipped my bra, and pulled the straps off my shoulders, and let him see the breasts he kept sneaking semi-professional peeks of.

He’d groan. Hesitate again. His hand would settle on his crotch. He’d tease the shaft through the material. He’d give one final glance at the door. Then he’d tug the drawstring waist of his pants down. He’d step forward. Lay back, he’d growl. I’m going to give you exactly what you want. I bet he’s big. I bet behind those wire-framed glasses and nerdy haircut, there was a beast of a cock, waiting to be unfurled. I bet he’s dirty. His grip would probably close around my throat. He’d clamp a hand over my mouth to stifle my cries. He’d lean forward, right as he pushed inside of me, and call me a dirty little slut.

I parted my feet slightly as he ran the tip of his pen along my butt cheek, pulling the underwear higher to expose more skin.

“Anything I need to know about here?”

“Not that I know of.” I tried to chuckle. “But I also didn’t know about the freckle you just took photos of. It’s hard to see my butt.”

“Have your husband check you every other month or so. In between our appointments. With your family history, it’s important that we stay diligent.”

We. I thought of him doing the exam with Easton. Easton would scowl at the easy familiarity the doctor had with my body. He’d stop his hands before they got anywhere close to my ass. I’d have both of their attention, both of their eyes, both of their hands, running over me at the same time. I bit my lip to keep my breathing in check, the idea one that was practically making me pant.

“Turn around, Mrs. North.” He stayed on the low stool, and when I turned, he was at eye level with my hips.

He played a good game. Dr. Richards was strictly professional. All business. It only made the fantasy hotter, only made me question the boundaries more. I didn’t buy the gold wedding band or the ironed scrubs, his geeky Timex with the 24-hour time setting on. Fuck the fancy med school diploma on the wall. He’d chosen a profession where he could put his hands all over women. He liked for us to undress in his office and stand before him, shivering under the too-cool thermostat that he set himself. Tonight, maybe he’d beat off to me. He’d picture me just like this and grow hard. Fist his cock and imagine my mouth, my skin, my wet and tight pussy.

I clenched my inner muscles and couldn’t stop the tremor that hit me when his hand landed on my upper thigh. I kept my eyes on the floor, but felt the blush hit my cheeks. Had he noticed?

“You look good, Mrs. North. Everything here is staying similar in size. I don’t see any biopsy needs on this visit.”

He stood, his eyes critically moving over my cleavage, even though he’d already covered that ground.

“I think you should come back in a month, just for another look at that new spot on your back. Unless you want to just keep me posted, and have your husband check it.” His eyes met mine.

“No, I’ll come in.” I laughed. “My husband doesn’t have great attention to detail. It could be the size of a quarter and he wouldn’t notice.”

He smiled. “Then I’ll see you in a month.”

He left me to dress and I flipped the lock on the door, lying back on his exam table and shoving my panties down to my thighs. Rubbing my fingers gently over my clit, I gave in to the illicit fantasy. I closed my eyes and thought of his touch. Imagined that he had a camera hidden in the vents. He was probably back in his office right now. Barely able to shut the door before he had his dick out, swollen with need, the tip of it wet with pre-cum. I straightened my legs, my body tensing, and thought of him watching me, his eyes widening at the view. He’d barely make it to his desk chair before his nuts would tighten, his orgasm close. Mine was close. My body was humming, my nipples pricked and sensitive in the cool air, my feet arching as I almost lifted off the examining table and into my hand.

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