Easton hissed, moving forward, and I turned my head, watching as he stalked up to the side of the bed, his hands flexing at his side.

“E…” Aaron gritted, his hand gripping my thigh, the head of his cock bumping against my soaked opening. I moaned, opening my legs wider, urging him inside me, as my eyes locked with Easton’s. He looked lethal. Deadly. I thought of his words, that he’d kill anyone who touched me. I reached out and wrapped my hands around his cock, and found it as hard as glass.

“Do it,” my husband grunted. “Put it in her. I want to see her face when you do.” He leaned forward, his hands braced on the bed beside my head, and stared at me, his hips thrusting as he worked his cock in and out of my fist. “You’re so fucking hot,” he whispered. “You have no fucking idea how you have ruined me.”


Aaron thrust inside of me. I gasped, Easton swore, and everything spun into one delicious and erotic blend. With one simple thrust, there was a break, a moment where Easton’s fury faded, where my confidence soared, where every awkward nerve fled in the presence of mutual pleasure.

My hand tightened on Easton’s cock, his mouth closed on mine, and Aaron grabbed my legs.

It was the same, yet different. He wasn’t as smooth as Easton. Not as confident. Jerky at times. Pausing at others. He was greedy with his eye contact, staring at my body as if he had never seen a woman naked before. I loved it. I devoured it. I performed for Easton and was instantly addicted to the possessive glower on his face, the pace of his motion. He furiously fisted his cock, jerking his hand over the erection as he stood beside us, his gaze stuck to our movements, his eyes dark with need.

When I came, Easton almost came off the floor. He dropped his cock and hissed through his teeth, crossing his arms over his chest as he urged Aaron on. I thrashed, I clawed at Aaron’s arms, and when I saw the pre-come drip from Easton’s cock, my pleasure hit a new peak of ecstasy. I was coming down, the room spinning, when Aaron stiffened.

“Shit, I’m going to come.” Aaron bit out the words and yanked his dick out of me, stripping off the condom. Easton didn’t hesitate, taking his place in between my legs. “Where should I—”

“On my face,” I reached toward him from my place on my back. “Here. Please.”

“Are you sure?” He moved forward as he spoke, his handsome face pinched in concentration, his hand gripping his cock.

“Yes. Please.” My head dropped back as Easton pushed inside of me. Bigger. Barer. The difference between the two was noticeable and I met his eyes and bit back a smile at the cocky look on his face. He knew. My husband always knew, and it’d be annoying if that beautiful cock wasn’t fully mine.

“Did you like when he fucked you?” Easton asked, his dick dragging in and out of me, slower than I liked it. I pumped my hips, trying to fuck him back, and he shook his head at me. I scowled at him and he grinned. “Did you like when he fucked you?” he repeated slowly.

“Yes,” I gasped. “I loved it.”

“Tell him.” He nodded to Aaron, who stood by my head, his hand jerking over his cock.

I lifted my gaze to Aaron. “I loved it when you fucked me.” Between my legs, Easton increased his speed, rewarding me. “Your cock felt so good inside of me.”

“Jesus,” Aaron swore, his eyes pinned to my face, his strokes growing shorter and faster, working over his glistening head.

“I loved having your cock in my mouth.” I grabbed my breasts, pushing them together, my skin warming at the searing force of his stare, his full attention on every move, every word. “I loved having your mouth on my tits. I loved—”

“Fuck, I’m going to come.” Aaron panted out the words, moving closer, his dick pointed at me as if it was a sword. I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue, my body and breasts bouncing from Easton’s thrusts.

“Please,” I begged. “I want it so badly.”

He groaned, his face pinching, and I jumped when the first shot landed on my cheek. The second, my mouth. The third hit somewhere over my head. I grabbed him and sat up, burying him down my throat, my eyes tearing at the depth. His hand palmed my head, a guttural sound ripping from him as he thrust into my mouth.

I gagged and Easton gripped my hips tightly. “Fuck, Elle. Do that again.”

I came off his cock, took a deep breath and then went down again, the taste of his come slightly bitter, my throat slick with spit and juice, and gagged again, harder this time.

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