He started to speak, to politely protest, and I stopped him. Inside, I was on fire. Hot, panicked arousal. It was roaring through my head and out of my ears. It was chasing my heart around my chest and drumming a beat of pleasure between my legs. I was already wet. I was terrified. And if I was ever going to do it, this was the time. My eyes met Brad’s and he nodded as if to command me to speak. “Let’s try it and see.”

Julia turned to Brad and kissed him deeply, her fingers skating across his chest and wrapping around his tie, tugging it toward her as she deepened the contact, then broke from him and turned toward us.

I looked at Easton and wondered if I should kiss him too. He studied me warily, his hand tightening on mine when I went to stand up. “Stay,” he said gruffly. “And kiss me.”

I kissed him swiftly, almost desperately. His hand curved around my head and he pulled me tighter, pinning me against him. I pulled away from his mouth and watched as Julia took a seat on the other side of him, her leg close enough to brush his. I expected her to comment on his erection, which was now tenting the front of his pants, but she didn’t. Instead, she relaxed against the back of the white cushion and picked up Easton’s Scotch, bringing it to her lips. “Will you show me how he likes it?”

“Jesus,” Easton swore under his breath as he stretched out his legs and tried to adjust his dick to a less painful angle. I glanced at Brad, who watched his wife with dark eyes. How much had this couple done together? What boundaries did they have?

“I—ah…” I swallowed hard and watched as Julia sat up, then reached forward and gripped the leather end of Easton’s belt.

“You don’t have to,” she said softly, just loud enough for me to hear. “But it might help. We can do it together.”

“I really fucking like that idea.” Easton lifted his arm up and around me, urging me forward and closer. “Show her. Please.” The beg tore out of him, the word rough and jagged, as if he was choking on the single syllable.

Could I? If it wasn’t for Brad, I’d already be on my knees, his dick out and pushing down my throat. But knowing he was watching… I… Fuck. Could I do this?

As if he could read my mind, Brad pushed to his feet and reached forward to stub the cigar out on the tray. “I’m going to go get a refill on my drink.” He walked behind the sofa and bent over the back of it, his hand sliding down Julia’s chest and squeezing her breast. “Behave, wife.”

She laughed and tugged on the ring finger of his hand, looking up at him in adoration. “Take your time.”

He released her, then turned and headed up the series of steps that led to their back deck. I watched him move up the first set of stairs, his steps confident and relaxed, then focused on Easton. Dragging down his zipper, my hand brushed hers and I let out a shaky breath at the twist of anticipation that unfurled in my gut.

“On your knees,” Easton breathed, his bossy dominance coming out to play now that Brad had gone. I pulled a pillow from the couch and put it on the ground, kneeling onto it and working him out of the opening of his pants. Julia fully undid the belt and button, helping me to peel back his slacks and underwear until his cock popped free.

She grinned in approval. “Wow.” Reaching out, she brushed her fingertip along the bulb of his head, then all the way down his rigid shaft. It twitched, and I felt a flare of jealousy that her touch had caused the reaction. She turned to me, her grin dropping and a studious concentration came over her features. “Show me how you suck it, what he likes.”

I scooted forward, my hands settling on his thighs, and opened my mouth, running my tongue along the underside of his shaft and flicking it along the ridge of his head. I relaxed my throat and took him as far as I could, then worked him in and out of my mouth. He let out a groan of approval and leaned forward, gathering my hair in his hand and securing it away from my face.

She knelt next to me, sharing the tight area between his open knees, and I flinched in surprise when her hand ran up my side. I pulled my mouth off his cock and worked it with my hand, watching as she undid the top button of my blouse, and then the second.

She opened up the material, exposing the top of my cleavage to the warm night air. “Is this okay?”

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