I pulled on the handle of the double door and entered a wide hall, reassured by the familiar smell of antiseptic and bleach. There were medical suites on both sides, some blinds open, their secondary waiting rooms exposed. I walked past a rheumatologist, a podiatrist, a psychiatrist, and stopped at the door to Suite 4A. The blinds were closed, the suite missing the name plaque that had adorned the other doors. Easton rapped on the door, then tried the handle. It swung open and he stepped inside. I hesitated.

“Coming?” He lifted one brow.

“Yes. I just…” I glanced back down the hall.

He smiled. “Come on.” He held out his hand, and I took it. When the door shut behind us, a bell tinkled through the small intake area. I hesitated, looking over the plastic chair, scales, and blood pressure cuff. Past that, a room through which I could see an examination table. A side desk with a computer. A man in green scrubs and a white coat who spun on his stool and stood.

The doctor. Older. Mid-fifties, if I had to guess. He reached out, pumping some antibacterial gel into his palm and I could see the salt and pepper of his hair, the clean-shaven jaw, the rugged cut to his features. He waved us forward with a wedding-ring-free hand. “Come on in.”

Easton led the way, moving into the exam room and glancing around quickly before tilting his head at me to come on in. All clear.

“Elle, I’m Dr. Loutin. I’ll be performing your exam today. Please, take a seat.” He gestured to two plastic chairs set against the wall. “Before we begin, I need both you and your husband to sign some paperwork.”

He held out two clipboards, and I took mine, sliding a black pen out from the clasp. I glanced at E, who was already signing the bottom, then at the doctor. The man was studying me, his eyes a pale shade of blue, and gave a pleasant smile. “Read over all of it,” he urged. “Please. Take your time.”

I sat down next to E, and took an inventory of the space. A round jar of long Q-tips on the counter. Another with cotton balls. A box of surgical masks. A package of latex gloves, size large. From a speaker in the ceiling, melodic ocean sounds played. I looked down at the form.

I’d expected a HIPPA statement or release of medical documents form, something fitting with the role-play, but this was a legitimate contract, one that appeared to be created specifically for us.

I, Elle North, understand that Dr. James Loutin is not a medical doctor, and any medical advice that he gives will be ignored.

I, Elle North, agree to communicate with Dr. James Loutin if I am ever uncomfortable or interested in leaving the office. For clarification, the safe word LASSIE will be used. If LASSIE is said, Dr. James Loutin will immediately stop and leave.

I, Elle North, agree that my husband will be present for all activities. I also state that I have not brought any sound or video recording equipment into the experience, and will keep this experience confidential. Dr. James Loutin is held by these same rules, and will not be recording or sharing any part of this experience, except for this contract, which will be held by him for litigious protection. You will also be provided a copy for your safekeeping.

Allowed activities.

I, Elle North, allow for the following activities:

– To be stripped naked

– To be touched and kissed all over my body

– To be penetrated vaginally by mouth, fingers, and/or penis(es)

– To be penetrated anally by mouth, fingers, and/or penis(es)

– To be slapped by open palm (spanked) on my body, but not my face

– To be spoken to in words that some would find demeaning. For example: Slut, Whore, Kinky

– To perform oral sex on Dr. James Loutin and/or my husband

– To have sex with Dr. James Loutin and/or my husband

– To have anal sex with Dr. James Loutin and/or my husband

– To have Dr. James Loutin and/or my husband ejaculate on or inside my body or mouth

Dr. James Loutin will wear a condom during all vaginal and/or anal sex. He has been rigorously tested for all known sexually transmitted diseases within the last ten days, and is clean.

I, Elle North, state that I am free from sexually transmitted diseases and that I am not pregnant. I consent to the use of condoms.

I scrolled down the rest of the page, which contained a good bit of legalese but nothing else of interest. Aware of both Easton and the doctor watching, I signed the bottom of the page.

“Good,” the doctor said crisply, taking the clipboard from me. “I’m going to step out of the room and let you get undressed. Please put on the gown, open on the front, and be sure to remove all undergarments.”

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