“Men stare at her all the time. I can see how badly they want to fuck her.” Easton’s fingers traced along the open edge of my gown, pulling the paper further away from my breasts.

Was it true? Did he notice men staring? I hadn’t.

“Wow, she’s tight.” Dr. Loutin’s finger pulsed in and out of me and I struggled not to pant. “Now, Elle, I’m going to stimulate your Grafenberg spot, which is located right… here. Can you feel that, Elle?”

I let out a low moan when his fingers brushed over the spot. He left my clit and his palm gently pressed on my belly, just above my pubic bone. “Right there,” I gasped.

“If she gets any louder, I’m going to need you to put something in her mouth.”

Easton’s fingers skated over my breasts. “I have something that will keep her quiet.” In my peripheral vision, I saw him reach for and undo his belt.

My head lifted off the cushion of the table as the stimulation of his fingers increased, and I let out a louder cry, my legs trembling against the stirrups.

“She’s spilling out all over my fingers,” the doctor muttered. “I don’t have a cloth. Come look at your slut.”

I trembled at the name and snuck a peek down to see my husband standing beside the doctor, their attention pinned to my open legs, Easton’s dick now hanging out from his pants, already stiff with need. The doctor was also clearly hard, his green scrubs tenting out in an impressive fashion. The sight of both them side by side, turned on by what they were seeing… I clenched my inner muscles around the doctor’s fingers, my hips rising off the table, needing more.

“I need to get her juices up before they get all over the table.”

“Lick it up,” Easton said tersely. “Or I will.”

The man glanced at him, his profile so fucking proper. Close-cropped hair. A stethoscope still hanging from his neck. Freshly shaved face. He continued pulsing his finger on my G-spot as if he’d forgotten the mind-blowing task. “How’s she taste?”

“Best pussy you’ll ever sample in your life.”

The man glanced at me. “Look up at the ceiling, Mrs. North and try not to come all over my face.”

My orgasm was about to break, my legs beginning to shudder, his words binding me tighter—when his fingers retreated. I let out a cry of disappointment.

Easton chuckled. “She didn’t like that. She needs something inside her, badly.”

“She can be patient,” the doctor said, his fingers returning to their slow and tender exploration of my pussy. “I want to taste her first.” He bent over, and the warm wet tip of his tongue lapped across my most sensitive place, starting at the bottom and flicking up and over my clit, over and over again, his mouth sucking across my folds, his hands gripping my hips to keep me in place as I began to buck under his mouth. I craned my neck to watch and saw Easton’s hand furiously working over his cock as he watched the doctor thoroughly sample my pussy. I reached for him, wanting him inside of my mouth, and he scowled at me in an almost chiding fashion. Not yet, he mouthed.

“I’m going to…” I clutched wildly at the table, my body tightening. “Oh my God, don’t stop. Stay on my clit—”

He stayed right there, his tongue swirling over the sensitive bud, round and round, tighter and tighter, a hot circle of pleasure that was binding and expanding through my entire—

I froze as the eruption occurred, my body straining and then breaking as the warm waves of pleasure washed over me. I don’t know when he stopped or when he stood, but he was suddenly upright beside me, his face wet, his mouth slightly open as his eyes devoured my exposed body.

The doctor groaned, pulling at the string of his pants and pushing them to the floor. “She’s like fucking candy.” He straightened and I swallowed at the sight of his cock. Julia was right. He was big. And hard. Very, very hard.

“You need to take her right now or I will,” Easton growled.

“Have her ride you. I want to test her gag reflexes on my cock.”

Easton pulled my limp legs from the stirrups and grabbed my hands, getting me to my feet. I wrapped my grip around his dick and squeezed.

“Not your hand,” he said gruffly, pushing it away. “I need to fuck what he just tasted.” The tight expression on his face, one of agonized need… the reverence and command in his voice—the need in me notched a powerful step higher. How had I ever lived without this?

* * *

“That’s it, right there. Take it all. Show me that you can take it all.”

I sank all the way onto Easton’s cock and gripped the doctor’s thighs, my mouth working as far down his shaft as I could manage. He’d lowered the table almost flush with the floor, which had put my mouth at the perfect height for his dick. My eyes watered as I pushed him further down my throat and he hissed in approval, then pulled slowly out. I looked up at him, his handsome features tight with concentration, his mouth hanging slightly open as he blew out a hard breath, his voice noticeably affected when he spoke. “It’s hard not to come with her mouth on you.”

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