“I know,” Easton grunted, his hips pulsing beneath me. “Wait until you’re inside of her.” His hands gripped my waist and I looked down at him, returning my focus to rising up and down on his cock.

“Have you ever been penetrated anally, Mrs. North?” The doctor pressed the control switch and I gripped the table as it moved, Easton and I rising higher, then shuddering to a stop. At the doctor’s question, my husband’s eyes fell closed as if in reverent prayer.

“Yes.” I tightened around E as the doctor moved around to stand behind me.

“Lean forward. Rest your hands on either side of your husband’s head.” The tremor had left his voice, and I couldn’t decide which I liked better—cool and professional Dr. Loutin, or a shaken and aroused version. There was the wet sound of lubrication squirting from a bottle, then the cool feel of his finger working around my tight anus.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been opened lately. Keep riding him, Elle.” He hand moved along with my movements, probing gently at the rigid hole until the slick tip of his finger pushed inside of me. My ass cheeks clenched and I felt Easton’s dick flex in response, his hand settling on my butt cheeks and pulling them apart for the doctor. “How long has it been?”

“Umm…” I lifted and fell, my gaze on Easton’s face, which had gone dark with pleasure.

His finger went farther inside of me. “How long?”

“A few weeks,” I gasped.

“Two months,” Easton corrected. “Put another finger in her. She’s getting so fucking tight around me.”

Two months? I struggled to focus on that number. Had it really been that long? Between my cheeks, a second finger worked tightly in beside the first, the pain sharp and unique. I lifted higher and slowed my movements to give him more access.

“Have you ever been double penetrated, Elle?”

“No,” I moaned, a new world of pleasure opening up as he worked his fingers apart, stretching me open, my body burning around his touch. “I can’t take you both. You’re too big.”

“You can take it,” Easton urged, his mouth tearing across my collarbone, nipping and sucking at the skin as he kneaded handfuls of my ass in his fists. “Please, Elle. You have no idea how badly I want this.”

But I did. I knew because I wanted it, and probably more than he did. My body was coming apart at the idea, my craving laced with apprehension over their size. But I liked it when my husband begged and I feigned further reluctance. “I can’t,” I gasped.

“Relax your ass. Breath out slowly. Big breaths.”

I couldn’t relax, not when the pleasure was wrapping tight cords around his fingers, my body already crawling toward the edge of a monster orgasm. There was another squirt of lube, and I stiffened in place when a third finger wedged into the tight hole. “No, please—”

“Please, what?” He was moving closer. His dick poked the back of my thigh, and I couldn’t figure out what I was begging for, only that I wanted it all. “Is this what you want?” There was a shift, a push, an expansion, and I don’t know how he managed to exchange his fingers for his cock, but he was inside of me, pushing deeper, Easton was frozen still, and holy shit, this was the sort of thing that someone should have told me about ten years ago.

“Stay still, Easton,” I gasped, clawing at his chest, unable to move even enough to look down at him. “Just—give me a moment.”

“Her ass feels incredible. She’s a fucking sexual thoroughbred.”

“I know. I’m the luckiest man on earth.” Easton ran his hands tenderly over my breasts. “You lead the movement, Elle. When you’re ready.” His touch was soothing and reassuring, his voice calm despite the shudder that ran through it. “But fuck, baby. You’ve never been so tight. It feels…amazing.”

I tested the movement with a slow lift up, which withdrew both of them almost out, my range of motion stopped by Dr. Loutin’s firm grip on my ass. I lowered down, and both of them responded audibly, the groan and flex of their voices giving me the courage to move again, quicker this time, my pleasure flexing in time with the small bounces of my hips.

“Okay stop.” The doctor gripped my waist. “Easton, fuck her from beneath. Slowly first, then as hard as she can take it.”

“I—” I started to protest, the words dying as Easton spoke up from beneath me, his fingers pinching the tip of one breast.

“Trust us. We won’t give you more than you can handle.” He tightened his grip on me. “Stay still. Both of you.”

With the stiff meat of the doctor’s cock filling my ass, I stayed in place as Easton slowly thrust his hips up, sliding the thick rod of his dick in and out of me, his pace quickening as I began to adjust to the double penetration.

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