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His cock was beautiful. I watched him slide on the condom, the latex tightly stretched over the head, and almost asked him to take it off. I had this raw, animal need to have him take me bare, to experience the feeling of our skin against skin. But I didn’t. I closed my mouth, and watched him climb onto the bed, that cock bobbing up between his thighs, and coming closer to me.

“I want to ride it.” I don’t know who spoke, but it couldn’t have been me, because I don’t even know how to ride a man. My inexperience shrieked in alarm as I pulled him down to the bed, gripped him in my hand (so hard) and straddled his hips.

I went slowly, his girth more than I was prepared for, and I hissed out a breath as I lowered myself down on him, my eyes closing at the delicious sensation of him impaling me.

“Open your eyes.” His voice was guttural and dominant and his hands bit into my waist, his hips lifting in short thrusts, a subtle hint as to what he wanted.

I opened my eyes and rocked forward, my hands on his chest, squeezing at the muscle as I instinctively rocked up and down his shaft. His eyes darkened, his hands gripping my hips, and I must be doing something right because holy hell his eyes were smoldering with arousal.

“Fuck, you feel incredible.” He held my gaze and I increased my pace, my breasts beginning to jiggle, his eyes drawn to them. I watched as his mouth dropped open a little, his eyes glazing over and he slid his hands up my side and forward, cupping my breasts and squeezing them, eyes pinching shut as he let out a guttural groan. “God damn, woman.”

I released every self-conscious thought and focused on my own pleasure, dropping forward and pumping my hips over his stiff dick, shameless in my use of him, my orgasm coming, vibrating up my thighs and exploding, the pleasure causing me to falter, my rhythm off. I…

His hands closed on my ass and he brought me to his chest, taking over the action, matching my prior strokes with a perfect precision that grabbed my orgasm and carried it forward, stretching it out, the pleasure shuddering through every inch of me before wringing me dry.

We rolled, and I was on my back, looking up at him, his hand braced on the bed behind me, his muscular chest rising and falling before me, my body slick and sensitive around his cock. I raked my nails down his chest and along his abs, grabbing at his ass and encouraging him to go deeper harder faster in a voice I didn’t even recognize as my own.

He moaned my name as he came, his eyes devouring mine, his orgasm hard and furious, as he thrust deeper, his breath coming faster, his eyes pinching shut as he gave one last shuddering grunt inside of me.

He fell beside me, the mattress squeaking, and blew out a hard breath. “Holy fuck, Autumn.”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.

He rolled onto his side and sat up, heading into the bathroom. I lay there, the television still playing quietly in the background and tried to process my feelings.

I didn’t even know sex could be like that. That combustive. That fulfilling. We hadn’t felt like strangers. Where had been the awkwardness? The insecurities? In their place, there had only been this overwhelming wave of pleasure and sexuality and synergy. And now, in the moments afterward, I felt drunk on a heady mix of pleasure and emotion.

“Damn.” He returned from the bathroom and crawled onto the bed, propping himself up above me. “That was insane.” He gently tucked my hair behind my ear and kissed me with a tenderness that threatened to break my walls. “You’re addicting, you know that?”

I managed a strangled half-laugh, watching as he rolled onto his back.

“Come here,” he said gruffly, his hands prying me off the bed and pulling me against his chest. I let him roll me into his arms, my head comfortably against his shoulder, and frantically sorted through my feelings.

Happy? Check

Post-orgasmic bliss? Check

Concerned? Check, check, check, check … check

Becoming friends with Declan Moss could only help my ability to protect him. But sleeping with him and developing feelings for him… that was a new ball of yarn. I wasn’t sure it was feasible to protect him properly if I had romantic feelings for him. I certainly hadn’t been looking out for any dangers in the last twenty minutes.

What had just happened was a mistake. I had to stay vigilant and focus on his safety.

Danger was lurking, and soon, my alarm bells would ring again. I could feel it coming. Building. Waiting to pounce.

I waited until Declan fell asleep, then carefully slid out of bed and snuck out of the room.