Meanwhile, I smooth the plaid pattern and reach for the instruction sheet so I can figure out how to make this pillowcase. As I’m doing the stupid fucking math that no one warned me about so I can make the cuts right, it occurs to me that between the two of us, we’ll have matching pillowcases. Matching pillowcases belong on the same bed. Fuck, I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried.



My face hurts from smiling so much. I’m sure I look like a total goofball but I can’t bring myself to care right now. I’ve gone from being nervous about today to thinking my new school is killer. It’s Owen. Everything about being near him is light and easy now that I’ve let my guard down. Some of the girls were a little thrown off when he walked into sewing with me. Their eyes became as big as saucers when they realized he was staying. A few of them seemed more than smitten with him. Offering to help him with the simplest things. I just asserted myself a little bit, letting them know I had it handled without being bitchy about it. By the end of our first club meeting everyone was enjoying having him there.

I don’t know if he means to be funny or not but he is. More than anything I enjoy his attention on me. Even when those few girls batted their eyes at him in the beginning of club he either ignored them or didn’t care. His attention was always drawn right back to me, his gaze always watching my every move. I am an extraordinary sewer but with his eyes on me my hand shook just a tiny bit. The sexual tension between us ran rampant through my body, causing me to have a ton of pent-up energy.

“Can I take you home, Ace?” He wraps an arm around me as we head out. I lean into his body, enjoying the feel of being pressed against him. My hand snakes around his back with my other landing on his abdomen. His abs are as hard as I imagined they would be. My fingertips slide over them, memorizing each and every hard plain. My mind drifts to the words he said after the kiss before club. My body is begging to be as near to him as possible. His hold on me tightens as we continue to walk. I was so lost in thoughts of him that I haven’t answered his question.

“My mom is picking me up.” I sigh. I should have thought about that before. My mind flashes to us making out in his car. At one time I’d rolled my eyes about others making out in their cars for hours but I get it now. I want to be out in a car making out with Owen. Hell, I all but climbed him like a tree when he brushed his mouth against mine. That could not have only been a kiss. It was earth-moving. My whole body lit up like a freaking Christmas tree.

“Then I’ll wait with you.” He pulls out his cell phone with his other hand, tapping away quickly with his thumb. “Letting my mom know what’s up,” he tells me before sliding his phone into his back pocket.

I smile up at him. He’s told me about his mom. She reminds me some of my own. She works hard but I know we all can’t be as lucky to have someone like Carl swoop in and save the day. Okay, maybe he didn’t save the day. Mom and I would have made it on our own. We were always a good team but my stepdad Carl made life a whole lot easier. He also made my mom smile. To see the way her face lights up every time they are together warms my heart. She deserves it. Owen and his mom sound like a team too. It makes me feel more connected to him.

He flashes me that dimple, looking down at me. He even tilts his head, a sexy smile playing at his lips.

“Are you really a virgin?” I blurt out. Oh God. I did not say that. His smile turns into a giant one as he lets out a laugh, showing off his perfect teeth. “I think your dimple has superpowers.” I mutter. It’s doing crazy things to me.

Now I’m blurting things out I don’t mean to say. Let’s not forget trying to dry hump in school. I’ll add that to the list. Owen has a way of making me do and say random things that I would never have done in the past. Although by definition we are practically strangers, I feel as if we’ve known each other a lifetime instead of a day.

“My V card is all yours, Ace.” He gives me a playful wink.