“Have you been to Vegas before?” Sam asked, interrupting her thoughts once more.

“Several times. Some of my girlfriends and I would try to go out there a couple of times a year.” A sudden homesick ache stirred inside of her.

Sierra had only been in Dallas for a couple of weeks and leaving the comfort of the place she had grown up had been difficult to swallow at first. Granted, the opportunities that were presented to her in Dallas were vast, but that didn’t make the transition any easier.

“Well, this will be my first time.” Sam stated quietly, and Sierra was almost positive the other woman blushed.

“Really? Aside from the conference, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.” Sierra laughed. “Not that you won’t have fun at the conference.”

Sam laughed in return. “I hope we get some time to ourselves to enjoy the sights.”

“We’re in a great location. The hotel we’re staying at is one of the nicest in the area, even though it is at the south end of the strip, it’s still close to other resorts we can visit.”

“So, do you gamble?” Sam asked with a twinkle in her eye. Sierra got the impression her question had a double meaning.

“A little. I like to play blackjack, and of course, drop some quarters in the slot machines.” Sierra took a sip of her drink, letting the tart, liquid fire flow down her throat. At this rate, she’d need another, and surely it was too early in the day to actually get drunk.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Cole Ackerley stepped out into the dimly lit hallway, clicking the door shut behind him.

He’d just spent the last hour and a half with the Prescott’s, succumbing to Ava’s every desire, yet the yearning that had consumed him for the last two months hadn’t been sated. Which was unusual because Ava and Daniel Prescott could generally scratch that insatiable itch with minimal effort. The woman didn’t know the term inhibition when it came to her desires. Between her beloved strap-on, which she used rigorously on her husband, and her desire to direct every movement, Cole could generally get lost in the sensations that the man and woman inspired within him.

Not so much today.

Sure, Cole found his release, but only when he closed his eyes, pretending the man plowing into him from behind was Luke McCoy while Ava used her very skilled mouth to suck him dry. Yep, that had certainly worked, but now, as he walked down the empty corridor to the main doors that would take him back to the main floor, Cole felt… alone.

That was a new emotion for Cole, considering he’d grown accustomed to his solitary life, enjoying it actually. Yet in recent months, Cole had found out some things about himself that he wasn’t sure he thoroughly understood.

Taking the stairs down to the main floor, Cole’s attention was drawn to two women sitting at one of the tables near the bar. He recognized Samantha McCoy immediately. The other woman, he’d never seen before, but he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away from her. Sitting at the table, talking animatedly with Sam, Cole admired her momentarily. She was exquisitely beautiful, in a very sensual, extraordinarily exotic way.

Damn near tripping over the last step, Cole focused on his feet, slowing his movements because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the black haired beauty. When her gaze landed on him, apparently drawn to his less than graceful entrance, Cole’s heart thumped hard in his chest.

Those eyes.

Even from across the room, Cole could see the glimmer of silver in her blue eyes, a color he’d never before seen. When one slight eyebrow arched, Cole tilted his head slightly, trying to read her intent. Oh, he’d seen that look before. Numerous times.

Women were attracted to him physically. He knew that. And without ego, he accepted it. He was a big man, which in general, drew attention, often unwanted, but attention nonetheless. At six feet, four inches, two hundred and seventy pounds of solid muscle, Cole would never be considered average. And thanks to his rigorous training regimen, he kept himself in shape.

He maintained eye contact with the woman until his attention was diverted to Sam, who turned to glance in his direction.

“Cole.” When she called out to him, Cole faltered only briefly, wondering whether he should just wave a hand, acknowledging Sam, or take this opportunity to be introduced to this woman.

His brain told him to head out the back door, as was his original intention, but his dick instructed him otherwise. Several steps later, Cole was stepping up to the table, being greeted by Sam with a quick hug.

“Cole, I’d like you to meet Sierra Sellers. Sierra, this is Cole Ackerley.”

When Sierra stood from her chair, all five feet of her, Cole nearly took a step back. The woman was tiny. And when she held out her hand, he hesitated briefly before returning the gesture and taking her small, cool fingers within his grasp. A powerful torrent of desire spiked his blood stream at the contact, causing Cole to abruptly pull back.

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