“Open your eyes.” Cole’s warm breath teased her ear as he plucked at the lobe with his teeth. “Watch him.”

Sierra couldn’t watch him because the erotic scene playing out in her shower was hot enough to have her knees turning to rubber. She wanted to grind against Luke’s mouth, to force him to that one spot guaranteed to make her body hum with pleasure.

“Open.” Cole punctuated the word by pinching her nipples simultaneously and biting the sensitive skin on the back of her neck.

Sierra’s eyes flew open, making direct contact with Luke’s as he stared up at her, his tongue thrusting while he gripped her hips, pulling her forward, increasing the pressure. God the man could do wicked things with that tongue.

Then the warmth of the man behind her disappeared as Cole lowered himself to the tiled floor, his calloused hands caressing every inch of her skin as he went down. Hot kisses trailed down her spine and Sierra’s skin prickled, goose bumps igniting over every inch, her nipples puckering painfully. She needed more. She needed something…

Suddenly her legs were spread awkwardly, and she had to reach for the small shelf to maintain her balance as Luke’s lips latched onto her clit, sucking and pulling while Cole’s hands spread her butt cheeks wide, his wicked mouth doing the most erotic, forbidden things.

He wasn’t shy about his intent, his tongue working easily to turn her into a quivering mass, doing those erotic things that she had only read about. Sierra had never known how good it could feel to have that hidden, forbidden part of her stroked the way both of these men tended to do. God it was agonizing and extreme all at the same time, pushing her higher, making her tingle. And although she had been the filling in their sandwich before, this was a different kind of torture, an entirely foreign experience that had her gripping the shelf, almost biting her tongue to keep from crying out until…

Sierra screamed as her orgasm rushed over her, starbursts shot behind her eyelids while warmth trickled through every limb, every extremity, her mind all but shutting down from the intensity.

Thankfully they were both there to catch her, to hold her as they stood to their full heights once again, keeping her crushed between them. And then it dawned on her that they were still at least partially clothed.

“Take your jeans off.” She stated firmly, much more firmly than she anticipated. Both men glowered at her as though she had lost her mind and she followed up the direct order with, “Now.”

Luke was more hesitant than Cole, but he did as she instructed, flipping the button out of the mooring and lowering the zipper, revealing that sexy patch of toned skin that disappeared further into his jeans. After moments of turning her head back and forth, trying to watch both men at the same time, Sierra realized she could make this so much easier on herself.

The shower was too confining anyway, and the hot water heater was apparently running low, so she flipped the knob to off, and turned her attention back to both men.

“Out.” She ordered, reaching for one of the oversized towels she kept on the shelf beside the shower stall.

“Bossy woman.” Luke muttered beneath his breath and Sierra smiled in return.

She handed an extra towel to Cole and instructed him to dry Luke while she used the other to dry herself and then Cole. The look both men shot her was full of skepticism, but she easily ignored them. When Cole hesitated, she swatted him on the butt, catching his attention and making Luke smile.

He’d quickly replace that smirk with a groan if she had anything to say about it. After drying quickly and rubbing the cotton over Cole’s magnificent form, Sierra tossed the wet towel to the floor, moving to stand just to the side of both men. “He’s still wet.”

Sierra wasn’t sure where the overwhelming flood of feminine power had come from, but she was using it to her advantage for now. This might very well be the last time the three of them were together, which she wouldn’t think about right now, and she intended to at least right a few wrongs in the process.

Cole rubbed the towel slowly over Luke’s chest, their gazes locked on one another. Sierra watched as their chests began to rise and fall more quickly than before. They were turned on. She was turned on. Just watching the way Cole touched Luke, knowing he wanted to do so much more than just touch him, emboldened her.

“On your knees.” She instructed Cole, and that caused the man’s head to snap back in her direction like his neck was a rubber band. She kept her expression serious, hoping she could maintain her composure.

Suddenly Luke helped her out because he got Cole’s attention with his gruffly muttered instruction. “On your knees.”

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