The heat in his eyes radiated outward, making Sierra realize Luke had been waiting for this moment longer than she had. Apparently his denial kept him away from Cole, but if the hot, fierce way he consumed the man with his eyes was anything to go by, he wasn’t holding back any longer.

When Luke added, “Both of you,” Sierra raised a questioning brow. Since when had he taken control of the situation?

Oh hell, who was she kidding? Luke had always had control. He owned her, as Cole so eloquently put it that long ago day in Vegas. He owned every part of her.

She kicked the unused towel with her foot, moving it closer to Luke’s feet, and she slowly went to her knees, waiting for Cole as he was much more defiant than she was.

Luke solved that problem by placing a hand on Cole’s muscled shoulder, easing him down until they were both kneeling before him, his cock standing proudly out from his body. Luke slid his hand into Cole’s shaggy, blond hair, holding his head firmly as he brushed the head of his cock against the man’s lips. Sierra watched with utter fascination as Cole continued to defy Luke, keeping his mouth closed. The muscle ticked in his jaw, and Sierra could see the lust in Cole’s eyes. He wanted this. He wanted this more than she did, but he didn’t give in the way she had. Which was what Luke needed.

The sudden realization was enlightening. She understood what made Luke tick, what made him hold himself back. He might need to dominate, he might need to control, but he didn’t want it to be easy. Knowing how easily he played her, how much she would give him, Sierra understood what he craved from Cole. Had he ever accepted that fact?

“Open.” Luke groaned the word, apparently losing his grip on the control he so desperately sought to maintain.

Sierra watched, noticing the way Luke gripped Cole’s hair tighter, seeing the pain etched on Cole’s face from how hard Luke was pulling, but the man didn’t seem to mind. Instead, his lips parted, and his tongue darted out in the most sensually erotic moment Sierra had ever witnessed. Sure, she had watched the two men in Vegas, but honestly she had been so overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure, the memories were faded. To see the scene before her so up close and personal, Sierra wanted nothing more than to be a bystander so she could take in every aspect, note every ounce of pleasure these two men brought to one another.

Luke thrust forcefully past Cole’s lips, past his teeth and then held himself still as Cole enveloped his steel hard shaft. Sierra felt the moisture pool between her legs, felt her clit begin to throb as Cole began to consume Luke’s cock, doing everything that Luke had taught her he liked. Effortlessly.

Luke’s grip on Cole’s hair didn’t lessen, nor did Cole’s apparent desire. Within seconds Cole was gripping Luke’s hard muscled thighs, pulling Luke closer, giving himself over to the man while Sierra watched. She got the impression that Cole enjoyed her watching. Using her fingernails, she couldn’t keep from touching him any longer; Sierra gently scored his back, raking her nails lightly up and down the taut, tanned skin.

“So fucking good.” Luke groaned, shattering the silence in the small enclosed space and capturing Sierra’s attention.

Looking up at him, she saw the sheer ecstasy etched on every one of his rugged features. Every muscle from his jaw down to his heavily muscled thighs stood out in stark relief as he held himself upright while Cole sucked him.

“Damn, I’ve missed that mouth.” Luke whispered, and Sierra suspected Luke didn’t mean to say the words out loud. Never did he share that much of himself, but he seemed to have let himself go. At least for the moment.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Luke didn’t mean for his thoughts to project out of his mouth, but the pleasure Cole bestowed upon him was just too much. The way he used his tongue, coursing over the sensitive underside of his cock, bathing him in heat, was unlike anything Luke had known before. Except for the last time Cole had gotten on his knees before him.

Realizing he wasn’t going to last, Luke pulled out of Cole’s mouth, releasing his hair only to turn to Sierra who proceeded to blow his dick and his mind all at the same time. He couldn’t take much more, and God help him, he hadn’t wanted this to be about him. He needed to show both Cole and Sierra that he wasn’t the selfish bastard he’d made everyone believe.

But he needed this. He had always needed this. The desire to own Cole, to have his complete and total surrender was stronger than he was. And the man’s defiance still shook him to the core. Luke had realized he had to earn Cole’s surrender, earn the right to pleasure him the way he saw fit. And it wasn’t until that moment, with Cole on his knees before him, that he realized he did own the man.