Just as Cole owned him.

“I won’t last…” Luke said the words as he backed away from Sierra, his back making contact with the wall as he fought for breath, fought for just a measure of control. For the first time in as long as he could remember, Luke felt as though he were in the right place. He felt safe with these two people, the ones who knew him better than even he knew himself. He closed his eyes for a brief moment as he tried to choke back the emotions threatening to take him down.

When Cole gripped the back of his neck, surprising him, pulling him roughly against him, the man’s mouth crushing down on his, Luke let the trapped emotions loosen. All of the anger, elation, and confusion came roaring to the surface, released in the way Luke gripped him back, pulling Cole closer, rather than pushing him away like he had told himself he wanted to do. He flipped them so Cole was flush against the wall, Luke’s body aligning until their dicks rubbed against one another, the truth of Luke’s reaction to the man evident. He needed Cole.

And fuck, maybe that was the reason for all of the internal turmoil. Maybe he’d needed Cole all along, and his inability to accept what that meant… how that would change his life forever, had left Luke up in arms.

Their tongues dueled; their hands gripped one another roughly as they battled for dominance. Luke wouldn’t back down. Not this time. He was in control. He was always in control, and if Cole expected anything from Luke, it was that he would be the one to decide their fate. Fighting to breathe, Luke broke the kiss, opening his eyes so he could let Cole see everything he was feeling. The two of them knew in that moment, as time seemed to stand still, exactly what they were doing.

And why.

Lord have mercy… Cole was in love with him. The acceptance was overwhelming.

“Turn around.” Luke growled out the command and gripped Cole’s arm, turning him until the man damn near face planted into the wall. “You want this?” Luke asked, trying to hold onto that tiny sliver of control he had managed to hold onto thus far.

“Yes.” The word was laced with gravel, rough need making Cole’s muscular body tighten as Luke pressed his bare chest against the massive expanse of Cole’s naked back.

“No barriers this time.” Luke said, and the words were meant as they sounded. A double entendre.

“None.” Cole agreed.

Despite the rough handling, Luke couldn’t suppress the aggression no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t about to hurt Cole. Never would he hurt Cole. But he wasn’t sure he could hold himself back.

Once more, Luke turned Cole until they were chest to chest, mouth to mouth as he easily maneuvered them out of Sierra’s bathroom, toward the bedroom. Time stood still as Luke pushed Cole down on her bed, laying atop him, biting Cole’s shoulder in a pure act of dominance, showing him exactly who was in control.

When Sierra climbed up onto the bed, Luke watched as she crawled closer to Cole, her hands moving over his chest, massaging as they went. The woman had the sexiest, tightest body he’d ever seen and watching her move was erotic as hell. Especially when she was naked. She leaned down, her mouth taking Cole’s in a kiss explosive enough to shake the walls.

Remembering what he was doing, Luke grabbed a bottle of lubrication from the bedside table, the thought of why Sierra even had it when she hadn’t just a couple of days before flitting through his mind briefly before he flipped off the cap and coated his steel hard shaft. He was going to lose it.

Luke joined them on the bed, maneuvering between Cole’s thighs, pushing them wider before trailing his hands up and over Cole’s legs, his cock.

He needed to be inside of Cole, to join their bodies until neither of them felt as though they were one. He let one hand slide over the taut skin of Cole’s stomach, easing back down slowly, caressing his rigid cock again briefly, before inserting two fingers in his ass. Cole groaned as Luke gently entered him. He wouldn’t last long. He needed to be inside of this man more than he’d ever needed to connect with another person.

Removing his fingers, Luke stroked his own cock firmly, aligned their bodies and slowly gliding in while their eyes locked on one another. Holy fuck! He stilled momentarily as Cole’s body took him in, his muscles contracting around him, squeezing him until Luke saw stars.

When Sierra pulled back, her eyes fixated on the place where Luke was joined so intimately with Cole, a spark of sheer lust ran through him, and Luke began to move. Slowly.

For the first time, Luke conceded to the fact that this wasn’t just about sex, just about pleasure. It was all about need. His need. The need to have Cole beneath him, willing, wanting, just as Luke did. He tried desperately to maintain the slow pace, sliding deep inside of Cole, grinding his hips against his ass and watching the way his exquisite body tensed beneath him.

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