“Fuck me, damn you!” Cole grit out; pulling him, bringing Luke closer until their chests nearly touched.

And then the friction was almost too much. Luke began to thrust inside of Cole’s warm body, gripping his hips, grinding deeper, only to pull back and plunge forward once again. Luke slid his hands up Cole’s stomach, over his tense chest and slipped one hand behind his neck, pulling him closer until their mouths nearly touched. “Tell me.” Luke growled.

“No.” Cole leaned back, allowing Luke to bury his cock deep into his ass, but he held himself tighter, his powerful thighs unmoving.

“Fucking tell me.” Luke demanded, thrusting deeper, harder, faster. Oh hell, he was going to come. The sight of Cole’s powerful body, the muscles standing out in stark relief as the man held himself together, one hand snaking down to grip Cole’s cock, Luke knew he couldn’t hold back. “Tell me, goddammit!”

Sierra’s breathing was becoming erratic as she sat just inches away, her hand between her legs as she rubbed herself, fixated on the two of them and making Luke’s blood pressure soar. Having her there, watching, was more than he could have imagined, but in the same sense, Luke felt as though he and Cole were the only two people in the room and he needed, desperately needed to hear Cole admit what he was feeling. And yes, that was the selfish bastard coming out in full force because Luke had yet to tell either of them exactly how he felt, but he would.

“Fuck you.” Cole ground out; lifting his hips, forcing Luke deeper; using his own hand over Luke’s to stroke his cock. “I’m going to come.” Cole whispered the last words and Luke slowed his movements.

“Tell me.” Luke used the last remnants of his control to get the words out. “I need to hear you say it.” Luke hadn’t expected the words to come out, but once they were out there, he didn’t want to take them back. He needed to know exactly how Cole felt.

“Fuck!” Cole gripped his hips, pulling him closer. “I. Love. You!”

Luke slammed his mouth down on Cole’s as his world shifted on its axis and then exploded. His release was powerful, all consuming, as he thrust one last time inside of Cole, every ounce of his control shattered and he came with a roar.

Chapter Twenty Eight

A couple of weeks passed since the morning that Luke showed up at Sierra’s, and in that time frame, he could count the number of hours he’d slept on both hands. Or at least it felt like it. He and Cole managed to talk Sierra into staying in Dallas, at least for now, while the three of them tried to work on how this situation was supposed to work. Rightfully so, Luke had to do some in depth explaining about his previous relationship with Susie before Sierra would let him off the hook. By the time his mouth was tired of moving, Sierra was finally forgiving him.

Whether they were at Luke’s, Cole’s or Sierra’s, the three of them had taken to losing every ounce of their inhibitions – not that Luke had ever had any in the first place – and tried some interesting things. To say the least... the sex was phenomenal.

However, Sierra was continually questioning them both about the club. As much as Luke wanted to initiate her into Club Destiny, he was still hesitant. Not that it had anything to do with Sierra. No, he trusted her implicitly and would bring her onboard – hell, he’d pay her membership fees himself – if he thought it would be the right thing.

His issue? Well, he didn’t want to share her.

Somehow he’d managed to repeatedly put her off, but he knew the moment would come when he would have to break down and have the conversation. As he sat at the big mahogany monstrosity that the original designer called a desk, Luke contemplated how he would do that. The night before when he’d been lying in bed, Sierra cuddled up against him, he’d spent a solid hour trying to come up with a plan.

He wanted to show Sierra what she was getting into when she joined, but he wasn’t willing to introduce her to any of the other members. Not just yet anyway. So his tired brain had decided to bring her to his office and give her a taste of exactly what it meant to be a member of the club. She was disillusioned when she thought she had crossed all of the boundaries that she was going to cross when it came to sex. And though the last two weeks had been beyond his wildest imagination, Luke knew she still had some fantasies that they had yet to play out.

Part of him worried he would push Sierra too far and she would end up fleeing back to Nashville without a second thought. The other part of him prayed she would be open to his suggestions. Or rather, his demands. So, when he had woken up that morning, Luke had put his plan in motion.

Twenty minutes ago, he’d called her cell phone and asked her to meet him at the club under the pretense that he wanted her to take a look at his office. Considering he wasn’t happy with the design, it wasn’t a farfetched idea, and, in fact, he fully intended to hire her to redo it in the near future. But that wasn’t why he invited her today.

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