Luke took her hand and led her up the stairs. Butterflies erupted in her belly when he punched in a code before turning the handle. Here she was. Walking into the infamous Club Destiny’s private section. When the door clicked shut behind her, the lock reengaging automatically, Sierra nearly jumped.

The first thing she saw startled the hell out of her.

There was a long hallway that disappeared in two different directions. But it wasn’t the sterile white, with bright fluorescent lighting like she had expected. Oh, she had no idea why she had pictured hospital quality décor when she thought of what was behind those doors, but she had. Instead, she was greeted by soothing colors and dim lighting. The walls were a light brown, accentuated with a faux leather paint technique, with intimate sconces scattered about on each side all the way in both directions. The floor was made of an expensive tile, a dark, gray and brown slate that was immaculately clean.

“Surprised?” Luke asked, obviously picking up on her reaction.

“A little.” She answered truthfully.

“What did you expect?”

“I… I really don’t know.” Oh, she knew alright, but she definitely wasn’t going to insult him by telling him. Luke obviously invested a lot of money into the club and based on what she had seen so far, she was highly impressed.

“My office is down that way.” Luke pointed to the left. “And down here, we’ve got the playrooms.”

When Luke took her hand, leading her in the direction of the so called playrooms, Sierra had a hard time getting her feet to move. Where were they going? “Playrooms?”

“Yep. You know. Where our members go to hang out.”

What was he saying? Too overwhelmed to ask, she focused on putting one foot in front of the other as they moved farther down the hall to where it split off once more.

“There are twenty private rooms, and as of right now, a little over half of them are rented.” Luke said as they turned the corner.

The hallway looked just like the one they had just left, but there were doors on both sides, along with a few tables holding massive vases of flowers in various places. “Rented? Like a hotel room?”

“Not exactly. And no, we don’t rent by the hour, honey.” Luke chuckled. “Members have an option of renting a room, and it functions just like any apartment would. They all have a kitchen, bathroom, small living area, and a monstrous bedroom. Members are required to furnish and pay utilities though.”

“I’m assuming the rentals are like the memberships? Not cheap?”

“Correct.” He told her, still holding her hand as they made their way further down the hall. “We’ve got several open rooms where our members can congregate if they feel the need to. But you won’t find any themed rooms here. That’s not what we’re about.”

Sierra stopped short, staring up at him. Obviously she’d had some major misconceptions about the place because she had expected exactly that. Maybe a room with various swings and slings, maybe a couple of whips and paddles, or one of those restraint systems right in the middle. Ok, so maybe she was getting too many ideas from her late night reading.

“So, it’s just like a normal place for adults to go and hang out?” Sierra asked, bewildered by the fact her imagination had gotten the best of her.

“I wouldn’t say normal.” Luke said. “You sure you want to go further?”

Sierra glanced down the hall, noticing an open doorway and immediately wondered what was in there. “Yes.” Although it sounded more like a question than an affirmation, Luke took her by the hand once more and led the way.

Before they entered the room, Sierra heard the sounds. Intimate sounds. A woman moaning. Instead of wanting to turn and run the other way, she was anxious to see what was just around the corner. When Luke would have stopped, Sierra continued going, pulling him along behind her.

When she turned the corner, she saw a tame version of what she expected to see originally. The room was all wrong, but what the two people were doing in the room was accurate. Surprisingly, the man and woman she had seen downstairs were not the two who were fucking like rabbits on a large couch in the center of the room. Nor were they the two people who were sitting on another couch, watching intently.

Luke pressed up against Sierra’s back, his erection poking into her. “Do you like this sort of thing?” She asked him as she watched the man and the woman.

“I like watching you.” Luke said, whispering quietly in her ear, so she was the only one who heard him. “I want to watch you right now.”

That brought Sierra up short. Did he mean?