Sierra did as instructed, using her index and middle finger to separate the soft, swollen lips so they had a better view of the delicate pink folds, wet with her juices. Damn she was hot. Luke caught the daringly bold gleam in her eye and he fought back a smile. Somehow she thought the tables had turned, and she was in control now. He’d have to make sure she realized who was really in control.

“Show me, Sierra. Show me how you play with yourself when we aren’t there. What do you do with your toys? Do you slide them deep inside your cunt and fuck yourself until you come? Or do you rub it on your clit, pretending it’s a hot, wet tongue?”

He wasn’t seeing things. Sierra’s thighs tightened, and her eyes widened as she nearly fumbled the vibrator. With his eyes locked with hers, he made sure she saw the heat in his gaze before her said, “Do it, baby. Fuck yourself.”

Sierra stopped looking at them, fully immersing herself in the moment as she brushed the pink vibrating tip across her clit, a soft cry escaping her lips as she did. Luke felt more than saw Cole’s body tighten next to him, his cock rock hard against his zipper as he watched in awe. Sierra used her own juices to lubricate the tip of the dildo before plunging it into herself, moaning her pleasure. As she continued to drive deep, faster, she used her other hand to rub her clit. Dropping her legs open wider, Luke watched, wondering if he was going to come in his jeans just from the sight.

Then the door clicked, and Sierra’s hand froze, her eyes jerked up to the door and widened to the size of saucers. Neither Luke nor Cole turned around.

“Keep going.” Cole told her, his voice stern. “Let us watch you fuck yourself.”

Tag Murphy approached, pulling up a chair and taking a seat on Luke’s other side. Sierra did fumble this time, her gaze landing on Luke’s. “Fuck yourself, Sierra. He’s here to watch. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Luke leaned forward and though he was way too far away to touch her, he tried to ease her mind. “You like being watched, don’t you, Sierra?”

When she didn’t move, clearly shocked, Cole stood from his chair and made his way over. With quick, easy movements, he managed to get underneath her, placing her feet apart on either side of his thick thighs and taking the toy from her. He eased her to the side so he could watch between her legs, using the vibrator on her clit. At first, Luke thought they had pushed her too far, freaked her out to the point of no return, but then she moaned. Louder this time. Cole continued to fondle her clit for a moment before plunging the toy deep inside of her, eliciting another moan.

Sierra began driving her hips forward, thrusting herself onto the toy as Cole fucked her harder, deeper until she was moaning constantly, hovering on the edge of her orgasm. Before he sent her over, Cole stilled his hand, making Sierra turn to look at him, giving him a what the hell look.

Flipping off the vibrator, Cole tossed the toy beside them before using the fingers of one big hand to splay her open, while driving two fingers of the other hand inside of her.

“Fuck my fingers, Sierra.” Cole urged her on, kissing the juncture between her neck and shoulder. “Damn you’re wet, baby. Do you like being watched? Do you like knowing that another man gets hard watching you get fucked?”

Luke couldn’t play the role of bystander any longer. He left Tag sitting in the seat beside him while he maneuvered to the floor in front of Sierra, getting an up close and personal view of Cole finger fucking Sierra, her wet pussy gripping him, slicking his fingers as he drove inside of her. Then Luke took his turn, inserting one finger alongside Cole’s, Sierra’s moans getting louder and more desperate.

“That’s it, baby. Come for us.” Luke groaned, driving his finger in before retreating, over and over, in time with Cole’s forceful thrusts.

Sierra gripped Luke’s hair, pulling tighter as she screamed, an orgasm plowing through her, damn near making Luke come.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Cole nodded his head, letting Tag know it was ok for him to go. The other man knew to lock the door behind him because what they had planned for Sierra next didn’t include an audience. Holding her against him, Cole let her have a moment to catch her breath and collect her bearings before he eased out from underneath her.

While Luke helped her up, Cole made quick work of removing his clothes, before planting his ass in the chair once more. His dick was spike hard and throbbing relentlessly. It didn’t help that he couldn’t stop thinking about how he wanted her mouth on him.

“Come here, Sierra.” Cole told her, holding out his hand until her fingers met his. He pulled her forward gently. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he eased her down onto her knees between his legs. “I want to feel your mouth on my cock.”