Over the course of the last week, Cole had allowed his more aggressive side to come out, realizing Sierra actually liked it. Oh, there were still times when he would rock her body slow and gentle, making love to her for hours. Then there were times when he allowed himself to be a little rough with her.

Like now.

“Suck harder.” Cole encouraged her, holding her hair gently as he guided his cock deep into her mouth, watching the way her cheeks hollowed around him. “Damn that’s good. Use your tongue.”

Another thing he had figured out about Sierra. She liked to be told what to do. Hell, she thrived on it.

Cole caught sight of Luke in his peripheral vision, removing his clothes and exposing all of that gloriously hard muscle. Cole’s cock throbbed again, this time for an entirely different reason.

During the last week, the three of them managed to get to know each other on so many different levels, not just sex, and Cole found himself that much more attracted to Luke. The man was physical perfection, long and lean, outlined with thick, hard muscle. And despite his brooding attitude, Luke could only be described as intense.

Although Cole and Luke hadn’t been intimate alone, Cole knew the time would come. Until then, he had the best of both worlds, being with Luke and Sierra at the same time. Like right now, while Sierra continued to use her skillful tongue to paint his cock. Gripping her hair firmly, Cole pulled her closer, watching her expression, one of pure unadulterated enjoyment to one of sheer rapture. The woman definitely liked the more aggressive touch.

“That’s it, baby. Just like that.” Cole encouraged, thrusting his hips gently, pushing the head of his cock deeper into her mouth. Completely engrossed in the moment, Cole nearly came before he was ready. Easing her off of him, Cole pulled her up, until she was standing before him.

Gripping the base of his cock firmly, Cole stemmed off his release, not ready to come just yet. Not until he was buried to the hilt inside this woman.

“Turn around.” He wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. “Now sit on my cock and ride me.”

Sierra faced away from Cole, looking directly at Luke who now stood in front of both of them, stroking his cock. Cole lowered her onto his lap, guiding his cock to the wet entrance of her pussy, biting his tongue as her body slowly consumed him. She was so tight, so fucking hot, and Cole knew he would never tire of being immersed inside her lovely body. Sierra didn’t hold back as she ground her ass into his lap, gyrating her hips and successfully pushing him to the edge.

“Ride my cock.” Cole grit out between clinched teeth.

She managed to fall into a rhythm, using her thigh muscles to lift and lower herself over his steel hard cock while Cole held her hips in place. He was barely cognizant of what Luke was doing, until the man lowered to his knees in front of them.

“Be still.” Luke demanded; the complete opposite of what Cole needed at that moment. He wanted Sierra to impale herself on him, to fuck him so completely that he exploded deep inside of her. Instead, she stopped her movement, Cole’s impatient dick throbbing insistently inside the warm depths of her body.

He couldn’t see Luke or what he was doing, but he had an idea when Sierra began moaning his name. Cole could feel the gentle scrape of Luke’s beard stubble against his thighs, the sensation damn near destroying the last threads of his control. When Luke’s calloused hand gripped his balls, lightly squeezing, his breath lodged in his chest.

He was going to come. Having Luke’s hands on him while lodged to the hilt inside of Sierra was more than he could take. He knew he had to hold on because he needed Sierra to come before he did, but between the light stroke of Luke’s jaw between Cole’s legs as the man skillfully ate Sierra’s pussy and the not so gentle way her body clamped down on his cock, he was 0 for 2 in the I must hang on department.

“Fuck.” Cole bit out the word, gripping Sierra’s hips tighter, digging his fingers into her soft flesh as her body rippled around him, attempting to milk him dry.

Stars began to dance behind Cole’s lids, and when something fiercely hot latched onto his balls, Cole’s entire body tensed. Luke. The man was using his mouth to torment him, something Luke had never done before, and the brutal way his tongue lapped at him, coaxing him closer and closer to the verge of imploding, was the spark that lit the fuse.

“Fuck me, Sierra.” Cole demanded. “Fuck me now!”

Luke continued to stroke and suck while Sierra’s wicked hot body consumed him, and Cole held on by the skin of his teeth until he knew he could wait no more. He gripped Sierra’s hips, stilling her motion as he managed to thrust upward into her, retreating and slamming home again. Over and over until she latched onto his hands, her body exploding around him, the sweet depths of her body like a velvet vice that clamped down on his cock until his orgasm roared through him like a runaway freight train. Cole’s harsh groan echoed in the room as his body stilled, while Luke’s wicked tongue bathed his balls one last time.

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