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Sierra hadn’t wanted to come. She wanted to hang on to that sensation of floating, while Cole’s thick cock glided over every nerve, touching that one spot that sent sparks shooting up her spine and into her hair, before pulling back and repeating the process. But when Luke had knelt in front of them, his dark head disappearing between their legs, his tongue flicking across her clit before he switched his attention to Cole, she hadn’t been able to hang on.

Then Cole had taken the reins, fucking her with wild abandon, so deeply, his harsh groans and intoxicating words sent her careening over the edge.

But her body was primed for more.

This was one of those times when she wondered why every woman didn’t have two men to focus their attentions on her. While Cole stole a minute to catch his breath, Luke pulled her from her perch on Cole’s lap before rearranging her so she was leaning over his desk. The smooth, varnished top was cool against her overheated body, making her nipples stand up and take notice.

“Sexy.” The single word sent a shiver down her spine as she waited impatiently for Luke to get on with it. She was done with the foreplay; she wanted to feel him inside of her. The thought of what had happened only minutes earlier when that sexy stranger had walked into the room, his eyes locked on her pussy as she tried desperately to reach the release that had eluded her only seconds before had been the icing on the cake.

The first time the door had opened, Sierra had been shocked, but seeing Cole’s handsome face staring back at her had soothed her frazzled nerves. But when the sexy stranger walked through the door, her brain had been on overload, unsure of what to do next. Yes, she might have had some voyeuristic urges in the past, but to have an onlooker watch as she tried to bring herself to orgasm, while two other men – her men – looked on, had been too much.

She had lost her nerve, her brain working too hard to determine what was going on and what she was supposed to be doing. Instinct had told her that it was wrong, so very wrong, but her traitorous body had been turned up a notch, the heat in those unfamiliar gray eyes making her pussy spasm. Then Cole had come to her rescue, and the only thing she had to do was feel.

The way he expertly touched her, knowing exactly what to do to make her squirm with pleasure, combined with the heated stares of Luke and the stranger was enough to send her careening into the abyss. And then as if having Cole in her mouth, his heated words spurring her on, wasn’t enough, now Sierra was splayed across Luke’s desk, waiting for what was next.

“I won’t last.” Luke stated matter-of-factly. “I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.” It was a warning laced with a promise and Sierra was more than ready to feel the way Luke confidently played her body like a finely tuned instrument.

Her words were lodged in her throat, and when he rammed into her in one well timed motion, Sierra nearly came again. The angle was exquisite, his cock filling her, pressing against her g-spot with every deep thrust. He began pounding into her, the desk rocking with the momentum as Sierra’s body began to hum once again.

“Fuck!” Luke’s animalistic growl shattered the sexual tension coursing through her, and Sierra gave herself over to the feelings that were igniting in her core. That first tingle of her orgasm building, growing stronger with each powerful thrust until her body spasmed, her muscles locked and her release took her with such powerful force, she wondered if she would literally break apart.

The roar that followed wasn’t just the blood pounding in her ears, but Luke’s release as he filled her even more completely than she had ever been before.

Chapter Thirty

“Can you meet me at my apartment after work today?” Lucie asked Cole as she dropped off another shot of whiskey. It’d been a long day, and Cole had stopped by Club Destiny, agreeing to meet Alex when the man had called that afternoon.

“Is everything ok?” He asked, noting the dark circles under Lucie’s pretty brown eyes.

“Not really.” She admitted, turning to go before Cole latched onto her arm, gently stopping her.

“Is it Haley?” He was worried. After they had gone to the doctor a couple of weeks before, Lucie had been a nervous wreck.

The doctor had informed her he definitely needed to remove Haley’s tonsils to ease the constant strep and put tubes in her ears to help with the ear infections. Routine surgeries, he had informed them.

Cole didn’t know much when it came to kids, but he knew something had to be done to help Haley. They had taken the little girl to McDonald’s after the appointment, letting her burn off some energy on the playscape while Cole and Lucie hashed out her next steps. Thankfully Lucie agreed to the surgeries which were scheduled for two weeks from now.

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