He couldn’t sit still though, so he stood and paced toward the front door. Before he reached it, Cole’s voice resounded from the other side of the room. “Don’t you dare walk away.”

That brought Luke up short. He wasn’t planning to walk away, but obviously that was Cole’s first assumption. Apparently Luke had burned the man one too many times. And if that thought didn’t just piss him the fuck off.

“Or what?” Luke retorted, turning toward the man. “What the fuck do you care?”

Great. Now he was going to taunt him. So much for acting like a rational adult.

“See. That’s what you’ve never seemed to understand, Luke.” Cole’s voice was calm, and he remained sitting which only pissed Luke off more. “I do care. I’ve always cared. It’s you who doesn’t seem to give a shit about anyone but yourself.”

“Is that right?” Luke asked, taking a step closer to Cole.

Obviously feeling the need to get on a level playing field, Cole stood; his large body now only inches away.

“I’ve never heard you say it.” Cole stated, his dark blue eyes glimmering with anger.

“Say what?”

“How you feel. You’ve insisted that I say it, but you’ve never been man enough to tell me how you feel.”

Luke took another step closer, bringing them almost nose to nose. “You don’t need me to say it.”

Cole’s eyes were suddenly somber. “That’s where you’re wrong.”

And if that wasn’t a punch to the gut. Luke faltered for a moment, his eyes glancing down at Cole’s mouth, then back up to his eyes. He’d never told Cole how he felt, but he had expected him to figure it out.

“Tell me, Luke.” Cole said, moving closer, their chests touching, and a fire sparked in Luke’s gut. Damn this man could make him feel things he’d never imagined he’d feel. “Tell me how you feel.”

Luke reached up and slid his hand into Cole’s hair, pulling firmly, his mouth hovering a breath away.

“Tell me.”

Luke wanted to say the words that would assure Cole this was more than just chemistry between them, more than just explosive sex, more than just… “I love you.” Holy fuck! The words slipped out and the heat he saw in Cole’s eyes fanned the flame that had sparked seconds before. Before Luke could move, Cole crushed his mouth down on his and Luke was lost for a moment.

Cole gripped his hair, pulling him closer as their mouths ate at one another, Cole’s firm, warm lips gliding against his until Luke was damn close to ripping his clothes from his body.

“Easy.” Cole’s voice broke through the maelstrom of emotion churning inside of him, his lips pulling back, gently brushing against Luke’s. Damn it felt good. Too good.

And then Sierra was behind him, her slender arms wrapping around his waist, her lips pressing against his back, sending a chill down his spine. He wouldn’t survive this. He needed the heat, the flames, not this sweet seduction. Luke didn’t do sweet. His need was too strong.

Cole’s fingers went to the waistband of Luke’s jeans and his stomach muscles tightened. Those rough fingers scraped his lower stomach as they eased open the button, then slid down the zipper with practiced movements. When Cole trailed his mouth down Luke’s neck, across his pectoral muscle, and then further down the center of his stomach, lowering himself to his knees in the process, Luke thought he would explode. Sierra was behind him, but she wasn’t doing anything more than kissing his back, sending tingling sensations over his skin.

Somehow Luke ended up on the couch, sitting with Sierra behind him. He didn’t want to crush her, so he tried to move forward, only to have her pull him back against her. His jeans were around his ankles, and Cole was kneeling between his legs, his big fist wrapped firmly around his iron hard cock. Luke wanted rough. He wanted hard and fast, but he knew by the look in Cole’s eyes that he wasn’t going to get it. Not tonight.

Sierra wrapped her arms around Luke, using her hand to tilt his head as she placed heated kisses along his neck, his shoulder. Torn between Sierra’s bewitching kisses and the feel of Cole’s mouth as he took Luke’s cock in deep, he was pretty damn sure his head would explode. Cole expertly sucked him, using his tongue to torture his shaft, then lapping at the engorged head, before sucking harder.

“Fuck.” Luke growled, wanting to move, but trapped by Cole’s firm grip on his thighs and Sierra’s arms holding him back against her.

“Let him love you.” Sierra whispered in his ear, and Luke’s cock jumped.

Cole’s eyes darted up to his as he continued to take him deeper, feeling the back of his throat as it hit the swollen head of his dick. There was heat. There was intensity. But it was unlike anything Luke had ever known.

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