“He’s right, you know.” Cole said, kissing the side of her mouth. Then Luke kissed the other side and Sierra had to fight to remember what they were talking about.

“I love you. Both of you.” Luke said the words they had both longed to hear. “I don’t care how we do this, just as long as I know I have you both with me. Forever.”

Forever sounded amazing to her. More amazing than that was the way both men proceeded to love her.

And as long as they loved her, she didn’t mind being the filling in their carnal delight sandwich.


Sierra sat at the table, glancing around at the couples they had invited to celebrate their announcement. She hadn’t known what to expect, possibly awkwardness, weird glances maybe. Definitely not this outpouring of support from all of their friends and family.

Luke closed the club to the public and they invited everyone they knew. The turnout had been phenomenal. Across from her, Logan and Sam were making eyes at one another, a sweet reminder that the two of them were going strong, even if they hadn’t yet chosen a third to join them – a frequent reminder from Sam. Apparently the woman enjoyed the attention of having two men in her bed, her husband ordering her pleasure. Sierra knew how she felt, although she didn’t have a husband.

At least not on paper anyway.

She and Luke and Cole had come to a decision, the three of them wanting to make their relationship permanent, and they had done just that. Breaking the news to her mother had been her biggest fear, but Veronica quickly eased her mind. As always, her mother was supportive of her and her decisions, which had brought tears to Sierra’s eyes. Knowing her mother loved her, unconditionally, was the greatest gift in the world.

In fact, Veronica insisted on playing a critical role in the planning of this celebration. She was now sitting, thanks to a very persuasive Cole, at one of the tables enjoying a glass of wine and conversation with none other than Xavier Thomas.

Ashleigh Thomas had also come, sitting at the same table as Sierra. In recent weeks, Sam and Sierra and Ashleigh had forged a bond unlike any friendship Sierra had ever known. The three women spent many a day having lunch and hanging out, laughing and joking with one another.

Although Ashleigh was still reluctant when it came to Alex McDermott, the woman seemed to be opening up. The way Alex watched her, like she was the only woman in the room, made Sierra smile. If only Ashleigh saw what everyone else did when they looked at the two of them. Only time would tell how that one would work out, but Sierra was hoping for the best.

Lucie Werner had come, under the pretense that she was going to be a bartender. As if Cole would have any of that. Lucie was going through a rough time, having just revealed a secret that had rocked the house. Apparently the woman had kept her daughter’s paternity a secret until recently. Having broken the news to Kane Steele, Club Destiny’s uber sexy bar manager couldn’t have been an easy task. To everyone’s surprise, Kane had been supportive, immediately taking interest in the little girl he’d lost so much time with.

Dylan Thomas, Ashleigh’s brother and Alex’s business partner, was sitting at a table by himself, knocking back champagne like nobody’s business. That was amusing in itself because watching Dylan drink from a small, dainty glass was similar to watching Luke try to do the same.

The man would never be accused of being average. He stood at least six feet tall, and his broad shoulders and muscular arms spoke to the years he’d spent on the ranch he had recently sold in favor of moving closer to his daughter. He was a very quiet man, and although Sierra had only gotten a few details from Ashleigh, he was apparently still heartbroken over losing his wife.

“Care to dance.” Cole asked, capturing Sierra’s immediate attention. The man was so freaking hot, Sierra thought she might simultaneously combust the moment they touched.

“I’d love to.” She answered with a smile, taking his hand.

Luke was across the room, talking with Tag Murphy, the stranger who had walked in on their last romp in Luke’s office – the same one who had been put up to that little scene Sierra had witnessed at the bar. So Club Destiny wasn’t as blatantly obvious as Sierra expected. Apparently that had been planned, by both Luke and Cole. According to them, they had been playing up her voyeuristic fascination which had definitely paid off tenfold.

Turns out, which no one knew this except for Luke and Logan, Tag is Cole’s stepbrother. Cole’s mother married Tag’s father after Cole graduated from high school. Since the two men hadn’t been living at home, they had never been close. That had changed recently, after Tag joined the club. Apparently they had more in common than they thought, and just like most people, Tag was drawn into Cole’s orbit. Never had there been a better friend to anyone than Cole.

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