Sierra pressed up against him, relishing in the sexy, musky scent of his expensive cologne and the warmth of his hands on her back. She’d gotten quite used to his touch, being blessed to have him in her bed each and every night. She and Cole had both moved in with Luke, all of them deciding this was it for them. They’d finally found what they had been missing all of their lives, and they wanted to move forward.

“I’ve missed you.” Cole whispered sweetly.

Sierra turned her head up to look at him. “Missed me?” She smiled. “But I’ve been right here.”

“I know. That’s the problem.”

When Cole pulled her closer, she felt the evidence of his reasoning. “Ah.”

“Yep. It’s taken a tremendous amount of willpower not to sneak you upstairs and fuck you repeatedly while you scream my name.”

Sierra’s pussy spasmed, and her tummy tumbled. The man had come out of his shell recently, offering up those same seductive comments whenever he saw fit. He’d even taken charge on more than one occasion, his sexual appetite waylaying many of their attempted outings. Not that Sierra minded. Having him and Luke naked was still an overwhelming sight to see.

When the song ended, and a loud click click click resounded, Sierra turned to see Luke standing at the head of their table, his eyes directed at her. Oh boy. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this part.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“First let me thank each of you for coming today.” Luke said, staring out at the faces of his friends and family. He’d never been one to enjoy making a speech, but he had some things he wanted to share.

When Sierra walked over to him, wrapping her arm around his waist and cuddling up to his side, Luke felt like he could conquer the world. And then when Cole came and stood beside her, Luke finally felt complete. Cole’s hand grazed Luke’s back, reassuring him that yes, he was there for him.

“I know this might have come as a shock to some of you, but I’ve always considered myself blessed to be in the company of so many open minded people. Unfortunately, as many of you know, not everyone has welcomed our relationship with open arms.” Luke said, referring to Susie Mackendrick who had made good on her word.

She had filed a lawsuit against Sierra, which was still underway despite Luke and Cole’s attempted conversation with the woman. “I’ve never tried to hide who I was, never been ashamed of myself, and I’m still not. But that doesn’t mean my lifestyle hasn’t come under scrutiny in recent weeks.”

That was an understatement. Although Susie decided to go public with her accusations, then bringing Club Destiny, and Luke, directly into the spotlight, her plot had backfired. She had been in direct violation of her contract with the club, and the penalties were steep.

In Sierra’s defense, despite her request to just let it go, Luke had filed suit against Susie, and his case was solid according to his lawyer. It didn’t hurt that his lawyer happened to be Tag Murphy. And just like Luke, Tag had zero tolerance for bullshit. Susie had basically signed her professional reputations death certificate after the debacle she caused. Although she was still pursuing the lawsuit against Sierra, Tag was adamant that Susan wouldn’t win.

“I’ve heard the whispered comments, calling me a world class asshole, and I’ve accepted the truth in them.” Chuckles filled the room. “But, for those of you who know me best, you know my life has changed in dramatic ways recently. It might’ve taken a couple of two by fours to the head to make me open my eyes, but I can tell you, standing here with Sierra and Cole, I’ve never been happier.”

A round of applause broke out, and Luke swallowed hard. The emotions still seemed to get the best of him at times he least expected it.

“Our intentions here today were to share with the world the fact that the three of us will be spending the rest of our lives together. It won’t always be easy, I’d never expect it to be, but no matter what obstacles we come across, in the end, it will always be worth it.”

Luke couldn’t say anymore because Sierra leaned into him, lifting her hand up to his cheek and turning his head down toward her. When she pulled him down for a kiss, Luke willing went into her arms, letting loose the swell of emotions that had ignited in his very soul. And then, because his life wouldn’t be complete without him, when Sierra pulled back, Luke pulled Cole in close, their mouths meeting. A gasp could be heard from the audience, immediately followed by whistles and more clapping.

Luke would have never believed he would be at this point in his life, in love with one woman and one man. But he was. Irrevocably. The two of them had altered him in ways that he’d never imagined.