Likely his intention.

“What about me?”

“Do you live with your mother?” Sierra smiled, then took a sip of her drink. Wow. Apparently Kane thought she needed some courage of the liquid variety by the strength of the drink he’d made for her.

Luke’s raspy laugh tickled Sierra’s insides. A gruff, unpracticed sound. Like his laugh muscles hadn’t been used in quite some time.


Well, hell. Talking to this man was like pulling teeth. Instead of asking anything more, Sierra pierced him with a glare, tilting her head slightly to the side as she waited for him to continue. When Luke leaned back in his chair, crossing his massive arms over his chest, Sierra knew they were at a standstill.

So be it. She wasn’t about to give in.

“Can I assume you’ll be attending the conference in Vegas?” Sierra finally broke the silence, figuring she needed to get this conversation over with before she lost the little bit of nerve she still had left.

“You can.”

Sierra laughed again. If nothing else, this trip was sure to be interesting.

Pushing her chair back from the table, Sierra stood, shocked momentarily when Luke rose abruptly, his enormous size making her feel even smaller than she normally did. She couldn’t look him in the eye without tilting her head back. Even with heels she came just barely to the middle of his broad chest, and he was easily twice her weight and width, but she wasn’t about to let him intimidate her.

“I’m glad to hear it. I think I should be going. It was very nice to meet you, Luke. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas. I’m sure you’ll be able to find me if you’re interested.” With that, Sierra gave him her brightest smile, turned on her heel and walked straight out the front doors without looking back.

Her heart was racing, her hands were sweating, but Sierra wasn’t about to let that man know what he did to her. He was dangerous. She could feel it in her bones. He would want things from her that she wasn’t sure she was ready to give.

But, damn was she tempted.

Chapter Five

Luke boarded the plane at DFW International airport, and waited patiently for the other passengers to make their way down the narrow center aisle as they looked for an optimal place to spend the next three hours. Considering patience wasn’t his strong suit, Luke mentally patted himself on the back for not running through the crowd to get where he was going.

Glancing through the cabin, he took note of the other passengers, looking for one particular person. The seat wouldn’t matter.

As he approached row eight, he noticed the dark haired beauty seated next to an equally dark haired beauty, only the other one was about twenty years older. The woman seated to Sierra’s right must have been Veronica Sellers, considering she looked like an older, more refined version of Sierra.

When he approached the row, he caught Sierra’s attention and tried to control himself.


The smile she beamed at him was bright enough to rival the sun and Luke was momentarily blinded, his heart instantly kicking into overdrive.

“Good morning, Luke.” Sierra offered a prim and proper response. “I’d like you to meet my mother, Veronica.”

“Nice to see you again, Veronica. I was hoping I could steal Sierra away from you for the next few hours. If it isn’t too inconvenient.”

The grin Sierra’s mother shot at him mirrored her daughter’s initial one, but the twinkle in her eye was just for him. The million watt smile Sierra had flashed him was no longer visible, but her confusion was.

“I don’t mind at all.” Veronica stated sweetly, giving her daughter a good natured shove. “Join Mr. McCoy, Sierra. I’ll be fine.”

Luke watched the emotions play on Sierra’s face, confusion, disbelief, and then something else… Determination. Her shoulders went back, and she forced a smile, but Luke could tell she wasn’t happy with his request.

For the last twenty four hours, he’d spent his time thinking about this woman, and he vowed the moment he woke up that he wouldn’t be kept away from her any longer than he had to be. The idea of hijacking her from her mother hadn’t come to him until a few minutes before he boarded the plane, but now as he watched her reluctantly move out of the seat and into the aisle, Luke was glad he’d opted to do so.

“There are empty seats about six rows back.” He told her as he followed, a front row view to her perfect ass encased in tight, faded jeans that hugged her hips. So small, yet so incredibly curvy, the black t-shirt molded to her petite frame showcased every slight peak and valley. He’d been so engrossed in taking her in, he almost missed the way her spine straightened at his remark. He grinned to himself.