Well that answered her original burning question. Apparently the two did know each other.

When Cole nodded his head, almost submissively, Sierra had to keep her jaw clamped tight so that it wouldn’t hit the floor. Here was this man, just as sturdy and compelling as Luke, not to mention devastatingly handsome, yet he was taking direction as though that was what he was born to do.

Sierra watched the entire thing play out, the tension arcing between the two men, the hint of defiance in Cole’s eyes, and although Luke lowered his voice, she still heard the meaning behind the words clear as day. When Luke tipped his head toward the limo driver, mentioning that Cole was “with them”, she noticed the mirrored look of surprise in the handsome blond man’s navy blue eyes.

When Luke pulled on her hand, she realized he was once again on the move, so she followed obediently. He led her to a black stretch limo, opened the door for her and then waited patiently while she climbed inside. Cole climbed in on the other side and moved to the seat across from them.

Their eyes met, locked on one another, and Sierra couldn’t control the sensual shiver that raced down her spine. So, she hadn’t imagined her initial reaction to this man. Being embarrassed at the thought of finding both of them so incredibly attractive was a fleeting thought. Her reaction was foreign, but not unexpected.

When Luke got in behind them, the space suddenly felt too small, not enough oxygen for the three of them to share. Sierra didn’t know who to look at, or whether she should look at either of them. The glass partition between the back and the front was closed, so they had complete privacy, yet Sierra suddenly wished they didn’t.

Luke had warned her on the airplane; he’d told her that he wasn’t a man who played games, and she was starting to believe him.

Then the car was moving and Luke directed his attention on her, making her almost squirm in her seat. All of the courage she’d manage to scrape up since the day she had met Luke had vanished like a thief in the night.

“Let’s see what you’re made of.” His voice was hoarse, rough with need, and for the first time, Sierra began to wonder if she should truly be scared of him.

Without a second’s hesitation, he moved closer, lifting her onto his lap, one hand diving into her hair. She couldn’t suppress the shudder that overcame her, her body reacting immediately to his rough touch, aching to be closer while her brain was sending up flags telling her to run.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you.” The deep timbre of Luke’s voice washed over her seconds before his lips touched hers.

She wouldn’t deny she’d had a fantasy or two about this very thing, but Sierra was inexperienced when it came to this. She could want, she could ache, but she would never go after it with the intensity she felt from Luke.

His mouth was softer than she expected, yet firm. Demanding. She was sitting awkwardly in his lap, unable to get closer, yet her instincts were urging her forward. When he moved again, Sierra took the opportunity to get more comfortable, turning herself in his arms while their mouths ate at one another until she was straddling him, the hard ridge of his erection pressed between her thighs.

He kissed her deeper, tilting her head so their mouths aligned perfectly, his tongue melding with hers while one hand remained entwined in her hair, tipping her head back and successfully holding her in place. As if she would try to get away. Not a chance.

He didn’t touch her anywhere else. His other hand rested on her thigh while she cupped his jaw, grinding intimately against him, trying to get their bodies closer, much closer than their clothes would allow.

When he broke the kiss, Sierra whimpered involuntarily, but she was so hot, her body burning, all good sense and logic completely vanishing, replaced by the need to kiss him. The grip on her hair tightened, and a sharp, thrilling pain shot through her scalp as he pulled her back, putting space between them.

“This isn’t all or nothing, Sierra. I’m doing my damnedest to control myself, but I can’t make any promises. If this gets too hot, or goes too far, just say the word and I’ll stop. But, you have to tell me.”

Sierra remembered his instruction from earlier, and she responded with a confident “yes” before his lips locked with hers once more.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed while she devoured him, her hands roaming over the hard planes of his chest, the taut muscles bunching and flexing beneath her fingers. She used her hands to get familiar with his body, feeling the thick, corded muscles along his shoulders, the hard, rounded muscles of his biceps, the restrained, tense sinew on his forearms. The man was a complete work of art, all suppressed power and dark, swirling passion.

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