A heavy sigh escaped Luke as he slipped into his own room, leaning against the door. Taking a look around the empty hotel room, partly dazed by the events of the last hour, Luke exhaled deeply. He had a brief reprieve from the overwhelming urges that Sierra seemed to inspire within him, urges that Luke hadn’t realized until now.

For two months he’d managed to abstain from the pleasure he’d built his life around. Managed to ignore the lust that sizzled hot and wild through his veins, with the hope that he could come to terms with what he wanted.

He’d invested hours of thought trying to understand what that even meant. It wasn’t even until that one night, the night he’d taken Cole with savage intensity, given himself over to the primal needs he’d always managed to keep a lid on, that Luke had realized he was searching for something. Something more than the frequent release that never seemed to go deep enough.

For the first time, Luke had felt a momentary reprieve from the yearning and here he was, smack in the middle of a temptation that defied imagination. There was Sierra, a mystery he wanted to unravel. The mere sight of her overwhelmed Luke with urges he hadn’t expected. Add Cole into the mix and the possibilities were endless, all of the pieces seeming to fall into place.

The mystery that was Sierra Sellers was going to require some restraint, but Luke sensed she was the woman who could sate those needs. The needs that weren’t just physical. Bold and open to the desires that most people tried to ignore, Sierra made him ache. On top of that, she was slowly breaching a barrier that he had erected unknowingly, a barrier that slowly crumbled each time he was near her.

She was the answer to the confusion Luke had been wrought with after that one night with Cole.

He was man enough to admit his sexual urges weren’t the same as most men, but he wasn’t naïve enough to believe that one woman couldn’t satisfy those urges. He might revel in sharing, the combined pleasure that could be found when two men focused on the needs of one woman, but Luke was possessive by nature and Sierra had ignited that instinct.

Maybe it was too early to admit, but Luke wanted something from Sierra. Everything, actually. The thought had occurred to him that maybe Cole hadn’t been the one to make Luke realize he was missing something in his life; maybe it was Samantha who had done that. Samantha and the way she looked at Logan, the way the two of them seemed to be more complete when they were together.

Either way, Luke felt something stronger than mere physical, sexual attraction when he looked at Sierra. And if he had anything to say about it, after the next four days, either the two of them would walk away from one another, the time they spent together just a pleasant memory, or they would move forward.

Luke walked to the windows and threw back the heavy curtains, taking in the concrete jungle that was the Las Vegas strip. The view was so different during the day when the tall resorts were bathed in sunlight; the stunning mountains a backdrop to the energy that flowed steadily even in the early morning hours.

Turning back to the room, Luke took in the king sized bed, complete with a thick beige comforter and rows of oversized pillows and a surge of lust thumped through his veins. Picturing Sierra sprawled out on that bed, her long, silky black hair fanning out around her, wearing nothing but a smile, had his dick throbbing.

The rest of the furniture, all nondescript and miniscule in the small space mirrored that of any other hotel room he’d ever stayed in. A small couch, two wooden nightstands, a desk, and a cabinet that housed the television completed the room. The smell of stale cigarettes was faint in the air, likely embedded into the walls and the dark maroon carpet.

Luke didn’t care about the room, as long as he had a place to sleep; though sleep was the last thing on his mind at the moment. This was Vegas, and there were things to do, places to go, eccentricities to take in, and of course, Sierra Sellers.

He’d be lucky if he got any sleep at all.

Luke dropped a couple of dollars onto the bed for when the bellhop delivered his bags and opted to go down to the casino. Sitting in the room with Sierra so close was a distraction he didn’t need.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Thirty minutes later, Luke was back on the twenty-seventh floor knocking on Sierra’s door. He had somehow managed to pass the time by attempting to rein in his feelings, his needs, those dark desires that fueled his hunger.

Now he wanted to see Sierra, and to get on with what would come next, though he wasn’t sure what that was. For the first time in his life, Luke didn’t have a plan, he didn’t know what to expect, but he knew what he wanted and he was never one to sit idly by without going after it.

The door cracked open, Sierra’s beautiful face stared back at him, spurring his heartbeat to a full gallop once again. It was odd how one woman, still such a stranger to him, had him so riveted. He vowed to himself that he would take the next four days to explore her in ways she had never imagined, ignoring the trepidations that still lingered.

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