“What made you move to Dallas?” Sierra detected the hesitance in Cole’s eyes, and she wondered if she was asking too many personal questions.

“I needed a change. I earned a degree from OU and then moved south, not sure what I was looking for. Somehow I ended up in Dallas, and I’ve built my business from there. It wasn’t until about seven years ago that I became involved with the club. Although seven years ago, it was named Destined Hearts, and it wasn’t nearly what it is today.”

“Destined Hearts?” Sierra laughed. “That sounds more like a singles website.”

“That’s what Luke thought, so he changed the name to Club Destiny when he and Logan bought it five years ago, figuring he wasn’t changing it entirely, just giving it a facelift per se.”

“Well, I’m not sure I would have named it Club Destiny, but it’s a definite improvement. And you said you met Luke at the club?”

“I did.” The hesitation in Cole’s answer was evident.

“I’d like to know more about the lifestyle. Luke mentioned the club isn’t exclusive to married couples, so I’m assuming you aren’t married.”

“Not married. Never have been.” Cole stated, watching her carefully. “And no, Club Destiny isn’t limited to married couples. I’ve been a member of Luke’s club since inception. And as for my lifestyle… What is it that you want to know?”

Sierra grinned, realizing she was definitely treading on personal territory and based on Cole’s reaction, he wasn’t all that happy about it.

Thankfully the waiter chose that moment to interrupt them, bringing their food and refilling their wine. Allowing Cole a temporary reprieve, Sierra focused on eating, doing her best to leave Cole be for a few minutes. As much as she wanted to believe that Cole was just shy, and a little startled by her questions, Sierra got the impression that he didn’t want to talk about himself. To her.

“Cole.” She said, placing her fork and her knife down on the table beside her plate. When he looked up, holding his fork in front of him, halting midway to his mouth, Sierra continued. “I want to know everything there is to know about you.”

Watching the internal struggle Cole waged with himself had her wanting desperately to reach out and touch him. For such a strong, masculine man, Sierra felt there was something much deeper, which explained whatever was going on between him and Luke.

“Tell me.” She encouraged him, then picked up her fork and tried to continue eating. Truthfully, she wasn’t all that hungry, but she didn’t want their time together to end.

Right now, right here, with Cole, she felt at ease. He knew who she was, at least superficially, and he knew about her interest in Luke. He also knew of her interest in him, based on the way he looked at her.

Apparently he didn’t have a problem with her wanting another man. She wished she could be just as comfortable with the situation. This was the part of her that she had never been able to explain, the part of her she always felt was abnormal. Daydreaming about being that woman in her romance novels, the one who was showered with love and attention from two men, was a frequent fantasy.

When it came to sex, Sierra was open, wanting to express her deepest, most intimate desires, and if she wanted to be with two men, then the rest of the world be damned. She’d just never thought of it as more than just a dream. As long as everyone was on the same page, what did she have to worry about?

The only question was whether Luke and Cole were thinking the same thing she was.

“Let’s just say I’m very open.”

Of course he wouldn’t go into detail. Sierra smiled, wanting to laugh at his inability to tell her more. “Ok, we’ll leave it at that. But, you have to tell me one thing.”

He shot her a skeptical look but didn’t turn away.

“Are you bisexual?”

Cole hesitated, but then he nodded his head. “Yes.”

Well, that answered most of her questions all in itself. It explained his relationship with Luke and being that he was a member of the club it told her that he wasn’t discriminatory when it came to gender. Club Destiny was a swingers club after all.

“You think that answers all of your questions?” There was a hint of suspicion in Cole’s tone.

Had she actually spoken out loud?

She hoped she hadn’t, but the way he looked at her as if she’d grown two heads said maybe she had.

“It tells me enough.” She paused momentarily. “I don’t judge, Cole. I’m not interested in picking apart your life or determining whether it’s right or wrong. I just want to get to know you.”

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