Sitting his drink on the side table, Cole unhooked one more button on his shirt, keeping a leisurely pace. With one hand, he reached behind his head, gripping the collar and pulling the shirt over his head, slowly revealing his impressive abs, followed by his smooth, well defined chest and then his massive shoulders.

Once the material was out of the way, Cole locked his gaze with Luke’s once more.

“He’s a fast learner.” Sierra commented, her sharp intake of breath letting them both know how much she appreciated the view.

Admittedly, Cole was a sight to behold – smooth, tan skin; hairless except for the small trail of blond hair that disappeared into the waistband of his jeans.

“Now it’s your turn, baby.” Luke placed his empty glass on the top of the television cabinet, then putting his arms around Sierra, over her shoulders.

He began teasing her by trailing his fingers over the sweet curves of her breasts, lower until he reached the hem of her t-shirt.

Never taking his eyes from Cole, he watched the man’s reaction, seeing the hard outline of his erection coming to life in his jeans as more of Sierra’s body was unveiled.

“You want to see her naked? You’ve thought about it all day, the same as I have.” Luke spoke softly, his voice hoarse with need.

“I’ve hardly thought of anything else.” Cole admitted, watching as Luke slid the soft, black fabric up her torso, revealing smooth, pale skin.

When Sierra leaned into him, Luke took her response as her approval, and then took her glass from her hand, sitting it beside his. Pulling the shirt up and off, he held her wrists in one of his hands, above her head.

“Put your hands around my neck.” He instructed, letting go of her wrist when she did, the movement thrusting out those perfect breasts, encased in sexy black lace.

None too gently, Luke palmed the luscious curves, squeezing, listening to the way her breaths became erratic; barely hanging on to his sanity when she ground her ass against his rock hard cock.

His next move rid her of the lace, baring her breasts, tipped with small, dusty pink nipples that he longed to put his lips on. Holding back the urge Luke kept her facing Cole, watching the other man’s eyes lock on those two hardened points, his hand instinctively going to his crotch, rubbing the hard shaft behind the zipper of his jeans.

Sierra fit nicely against him, her head settled perfectly beneath his chin, which allowed Luke to lean forward and view the sweet skin he was uncovering. Sliding his hands down over her flat stomach, he found the button on her jeans and deftly unhooked it before lowering the zipper, more soft skin coming into view.

“You see what you do to him? What you do to every man who looks at you? I guarantee he’s hard as granite.”

“Show me.” Sierra whispered.

“You heard her. Take the jeans off.” Luke demanded, liking that Sierra was an active participant.

Cole didn’t hesitate before he easily removed his jeans and boxers, letting them sit on the floor where they fell. Luke made sure Cole felt the heat of his gaze as he raked his eyes over the hardened perfection of his toned body. “What do you think, baby?” Luke asked.

“Beautiful.” Some of the confidence and surety had returned in her voice, but Luke felt the faint tremble as she anticipated his next move. “Absolutely stunning.”

“I want to watch as he slides his cock into your mouth, watch while he holds you in place while your tongue bathes him.” Luke whispered, and he witnessed Cole’s body harden with anticipation. “But first I want you as naked as him. Take them off.” Luke said, moving his hands to the side, but not taking a step away from her.

When she bent forward, lowering the denim down her legs, Luke bit back a groan as she ground her shapely ass over his throbbing hard on. Once her clothes were disregarded on the floor, she returned to her place against him, now a few inches shorter since she removed the shoes. Leaning forward once more, he let his hand trail down to the smooth, hairless skin between her thighs, using his index and middle finger to separate the soft, plump lips of her pussy, baring her for Cole’s eyes. Her sharp intake of breath and the way she swayed in his arms assured Luke that she was just as turned on as they were.

“I’m eager to put my mouth on your pussy, Sierra. To fuck you deep and hard with my tongue while you scream my name, begging me to let you come.” Luke let his middle finger rake over the sensitive bundle of nerves that he’d uncovered, slowly teasing her with gentle strokes.

“Please.” Sierra begged.

Glancing up at Cole, Luke caught his breath at the sight of the other man slowly stroking his thick cock, the tip glistening with moisture. Making good on his promise, Luke pulled his hand back and then placed one firm hand on the top of Sierra’s head, letting her know what he expected as he directed her to her knees.