“I want to watch while you put those pretty lips on his dick.”

Cole took a step closer, then another until they were less than a foot apart. Sierra lowered herself to the floor, her eyes focused on Cole.

“That’s it, baby, wrap those lips around him.” Taking a step back, Luke moved to the edge of the bed where he could get a better view.

Sierra looked momentarily at him, then back at Cole who took another step closer, bringing his cock close to the promise of heaven.

When Sierra raised a tentative hand, wrapping her small fingers around Cole, Luke noticed that she couldn’t circle him completely. He also noticed Cole’s sharp intake of breath as her delicate hand closed around him while she placed teasing, open mouthed kisses on the engorged head.

God she was sweet. So fucking hot as she slowly bathed Cole’s cock with gentle, teasing flicks of her tongue before she slid down and over him, taking him completely inside the hot cavern of her mouth. The only thing that could’ve been better was to have her mouth on his cock.

Instead Luke just watched the strain on Cole’s face as he tried to stand still while Sierra’s hot mouth slid around him, Cole’s cock disappearing inside while her velvety soft fingers slowly jacked him when she began to move.

When Sierra started to look up, obviously realizing she wouldn’t be able to see him unless she released him, Cole quickly gripped her hair, holding her in place. Luke’s cock jumped at the sight. Seeing Cole take control, unleashing some of his own need to dominate, was truly a sight to behold.

“Suck him, Sierra. Take him deep in your throat while he fucks your mouth.” Luke spurred her on while the gruff sound of Cole’s groan filled the room.

“That’s it baby. God that feels so fucking good.” Cole’s voice was raspy with need.

No matter how many times Luke had fantasized about this moment all day, he had never thought it would be like this.

She opened wider; taking Cole in as far as she could before she closed her teeth around him and let them scrape sensually down his shaft, making him groan louder. Luke could damn near feel the tingling in his own throbbing cock just from watching.

“Holy shit!”

Cole quickly pulled his cock from her mouth while Sierra angled her head and slid her lips and tongue down the sensitive underside of his shaft before she sucked his balls into her mouth completely.

Just the sight of it was nearly Luke’s undoing, and she hadn’t even put her mouth on him yet. Her tongue bathed Cole’s balls with warm, wet heat, forcing Cole to lock his legs to keep himself upright.

Returning her attention to his shaft, Sierra continued to fondle his balls with one hand while slowly stroking him with the other, sucking on the engorged head before once again taking him inside her mouth.

“Fuck her mouth.” Luke growled, no longer wanting to be the voyeur, he moved behind Cole, shedding his shirt in the process.

There was only an inch or two difference in their height, but Luke still managed to reach around Cole, pressing his chest against Cole’s back so he could reach around him and grip his cock. Placing his hand over Sierra’s much smaller one, Luke forced her to stroke Cole faster.

“So fucking hot. You like having her mouth on you.” Luke pressed his lips close to Cole’s ear, wanting him to hear the intensity of Luke’s need.

Cole didn’t respond to Luke’s words, but he used Luke’s body to help hold him up as Sierra began to increase her pace, the sweet suction forcing him closer to the edge.

“Faster, baby. I want to watch as he comes in your mouth.” Luke growled, grinding his denim covered dick against Cole’s bare ass, the hair on his chest scraping sensually against Cole’s smooth back.

“Fuck.” Cole groaned. “Baby, I’m going to come. Take me deeper. That’s it.” Gripping her head, Cole pulled her closer, thrusting into her mouth until his knees damn near buckled.

With an unrestrained roar, Cole let go, coming long and hard into the sweet, hot mouth wrapped around his dick.

“Your turn, baby.” Luke quickly released Cole and then rid himself of his remaining clothes.

When Sierra was back on her feet, he pulled her against him, and then lowered them both to the bed, laying her on top of him, the soft swells of her breasts pressed against his chest, the hardened points of her nipples scraping sensually against him. He pulled her head down until his mouth was on hers, tasting the essence of Cole as he devoured her.

“I want to watch your face while Cole eats that sweet pussy.” He told her. “Raise your ass, so he can lick you, baby.” Luke widened her legs, then pressed a hand against the small of her back.

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