“Off the bed.” Luke’s husky voice interrupted Sierra’s intention, causing her to still. What were they going to do?

The warmth of Cole’s body disappeared as she was suddenly jerked to the edge of the bed, her butt resting on the side while Cole slipped his arms beneath her knees, spreading her wide.

This was new for her. Hell, everything they were doing was new for Sierra.

“Bend over.” Once again Luke was directing Cole, and he was rearranging himself without reservation, aligning Sierra’s body so he still hovered just out of her reach.

“Just like that.” The satisfaction in Luke’s voice was unmistakable as it rumbled from behind Cole.

Sierra was awash with a heat that threatened to send her over before Cole slipped inside of her. She was torn between wanting to watch as Luke took Cole, the thought making her body tremble and wanting to watch the pleasure on Cole’s face while Luke fucked him so desperately. In the position she was in, she could only focus on the man above her, so Sierra locked her gaze on Cole’s handsome face.

Torn between not knowing what to do and not knowing what she was supposed to want, Sierra waited, anxiously anticipating what would come next. This was new for her, every part of it – from the desperate need that filled her to the ache to be with these two men.

Her nerves were rioting and she wished they wouldn’t give her time to think it through because if her brain was allowed to take over, she knew she would retreat, go back to the comfort she knew from not being with a man, not being in a situation that robbed her of all reason and left her with nothing but desire.

In two seconds she was going to panic, to pull away if they didn’t do something. Instead of waiting, she locked eyes with Cole and issued her own demand.; “Inside me! Now!”

In an instant, Cole shifted, lifting her ass off the bed, her knees bent and hanging over the crook of his arms as he plunged inside of her to the hilt in one swift motion that left her breathless.

She screamed, the invasion so sudden, it was both painful and erotic, each sensation overwhelming the other until they merged as one. Instinct had her body fighting to resist, yet trying to adjust to his size at the same time.

When she attempted to move, Cole gripped her wrists in each of his hands, pinning them to the mattress beside her hips, rendering her immobile. His head lowered as he sucked a nipple into the hot furnace of his mouth sending tingles down her spine and making her internal muscles clamp around him. That earned her a desperate groan rumbling from deep in his chest.

“Hold still, baby.” Cole’s body went instantly rigid as he appeared to be bracing for Luke’s impalement while he was still buried deep inside of her.

Then there was more movement, and she felt Luke’s fingers brush her calves as he gripped Cole’s hips, the bed dipping slightly below her as more of Cole’s weight came down on the mattress, though he was still mindful of his grip on her wrists. How the man managed to think at all with everything that was going on was beyond her.

And then there was blessed friction, movement, though slow and steady, still just what she needed. Cole’s iron hard cock tunneled inside of her in a slow glide; retreating just as slowly at first. She watched his face tense, felt his body harden; only sheer pleasure written on each of his handsome features.

The man was a masterpiece, so hot, so damn sexy; Sierra was nearly blinded by it.

A few more grunts and thrusts and then, somehow, they managed to find a rhythm that rocked Sierra to her core. Cole’s thick cock buried deeper, only to retreat and thrust harder, faster until Sierra lifted her hips to better the angle, her stomach muscles screaming with the motion as she tried to take him further inside of her.

“Fuck yes!” Cole groaned, slipping one hand free to palm her breast, squeezing gently at first, then harder, his thumb and forefinger pinching her nipple, a bright burst of sensual pain shooting directly to her clit, making her muscles tighten.

And then there was only feeling. An overwhelming pleasure that lit her entire body from the inside out, stars danced behind her closed eyelids as she pressed her head into the mattress, letting the sensations wash over her until she couldn’t take any more.

Sierra screamed when her orgasm ripped through her, her body clamping down on Cole as he thrust harder, faster, being rocked by Luke from behind until both men’s groans thundered through the room, sending another orgasm rocketing through her.

Then the darkness took her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Luke awoke to sunlight flooding the room, the feel of a soft body pressed up against his side. Her fresh, clean, feminine scent mixed with the sultry smell of sex that still permeated the air. Rolling to his side, he slid his hand over the rounded curves of the woman in his bed and found himself smiling.

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