The memories of the night before, the way the three of them had come together, the way they had connected, still shocked him. Despite his need to take Sierra, to bury himself in her tight body, Luke hadn’t been able to make it that far. After Cole and Sierra made him come with their mouths, he’d been overcome with a savage intensity that he feared would cause him to hurt her.

Instead of taking that chance, he’d buried his cock into Cole’s tight ass and hung on while they’d both inadvertently fucked Sierra, Cole having the pleasure of being inside of her while Luke was rocked with the intensity of being inside of Cole again.

As many times as Luke had been part of a threesome, he’d never done that. In fact, Luke had never taken a man so intimately, until Cole. Until the night at Luke’s house when the overwhelming need had been too strong to ignore, the lure of Cole and all of the things the man made him feel had pushed him past the boundaries he’d inadvertently set for himself. Just like the last time.

Until that night, Luke hadn’t realized he had even been attracted to a man in that way. And maybe he just hadn’t found the right man. Deep down inside, he’d felt that with Cole and despite his reluctance to accept it, Luke knew it for the truth that it was.

Despite the intense sexual need and the desire that plagued him, Luke didn’t feel the overwhelming protective instinct for Cole the way he did with Sierra. Maybe that’s because Cole was strong enough that he didn’t need Luke to be protective of him. Sierra, on the other hand, he had a feeling that the woman was easily getting under his skin, though she hadn’t even tried.

Last night, Luke realized that although he enjoyed the pleasure that he found with Cole, he still longed to be buried inside of Sierra’s soft, slender body and to feel the depths of what the woman could give him.

He had refrained.

Afterward, when both he and Cole collapsed on the bed beside Sierra, he had managed to put up that barrier that would inadvertently push Cole away.

Luke might be able to accept the fact that he could find pleasure in Cole’s body, get lost in the heat and urgency, but that didn’t make it any easier to face the aftermath. And Cole must have seen the invisible walls fall into place because after he disappeared into the bathroom, returning moments later with a damp cloth that he gently and effectively used on Sierra, before he disappeared into his own room without another word.

Lying on the bed now, Sierra’s luscious body pressed up against him, Luke knew he needed to get up, to wake Sierra so they could get ready and meet Logan and Sam at the conference. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Yet. Since the moment Cole slipped from the room, Sierra had been sleeping soundly, and Luke wasn’t anxious to wake her. Instead, he settled on watching her sleep.

She looked so innocent, the dark fan of her eyelashes brushing the tops of her cheeks, the silky, black, tangled tresses spread out around her, a dark contrast against the white sheets.

She was an angel. And she scared the shit out of him.

Luke was startled from his thoughts when he heard the shower in Cole’s room turn on. Doing his best not to wake her, he slipped from the bed and made his way into the adjoining room in time to see Cole’s reflection in the bathroom mirror as his naked form stepped into the shower. Luke was torn between what he wanted and what he shouldn’t want. And that was Cole. His body wanted the man. Fiercely.

Truthfully, Luke was scared shitless about the desires Cole brought out in him. He didn’t feel the need to deny the physical attraction between them. Luke was open to his sexuality, always had been, going after what he wanted for the sheer pleasure of it. Luke wouldn’t deny that he needed variety, and apparently he’d found what he needed in Cole.

Before he knew what he was doing, Luke was in the bathroom, pulling back the shower curtain and climbing in. Cole stood beneath the spray of hot water, his forearms resting against the tile while he leaned his forehead against them.

Need pierced him as he took in the sight of Cole’s strong back, his trim waist and perfect ass.

Unable to say a word, Luke simply moved up against him, pressing his chest to the other man’s smooth, well defined back, sliding his cock between Cole’s legs. The sharp intake of breath was Cole’s only acknowledgement, and when Luke leaned against him, reaching around with his right hand to stroke Cole’s rock hard erection, he gave in to his desires.

“I need you.” Luke stated firmly. Using his left hand, he guided his cock between Cole’s firm ass cheeks, teasing the puckered hole. “Right here. Right now. But I won’t be gentle.” He warned.

Cole nodded his head and leaned further into the wall, giving Luke better access as Cole used his own hand to stroke the steely length of his cock.