Moments later, once again standing on her own two feet, they were washing her, then themselves, and before Sierra had fully come back down to earth, Luke was carrying her from the shower, wrapped in a fluffy white towel. He laid her gently on the bed and then climbed over her.

“If we had more time this morning, I would bury my cock deep inside of you just to feel that sweet, warm pussy wrapped around me.”

Sierra couldn’t help it, she moaned, the mental image bringing her body quickly to life again.

“Later, baby. I promise.” Luke whispered and then kissed her softly, tenderly before he climbed off of the bed and went in search of clothes.

Sierra rolled over onto her side and watched his beautiful, masculine form as he moved effortlessly around the room, completely comfortable with his nudity. He was perfection, and Sierra knew she was falling hard and fast for a man who liked to hold himself back in every way that counted, other than with sex.

She glanced over at the clock, realizing they needed to be at the conference in less than thirty minutes, and it took nearly half of that just to dry her hair. Bolting up off of the bed, she wrapped the towel tightly around her while she searched for her clothes. She needed to get back to her room so she could get ready.

As she pulled on her jeans, unable to locate her panties or bra, Luke came up behind her with his shirt and slipped it over her back. She stood upright, sliding her arms into the sleeves, the soft cotton smelling faintly of that sultry cologne he favored, but more of the unique man. Although the shirt dwarfed her completely, she managed to button three of the buttons before she went to the door, her shoes in hand.

“I’ll be ready in thirty minutes. If you and Cole need to go over beforehand, I can find my way.” She gripped the door handle but not before Luke had her bracketed between his arms and the door. Turning in the circle of his arms, she looked up at him and smiled.

“We’ll wait. You’ve got time.” He whispered, and then leaned down and kissed her again, another sweltering hot kiss that spoke of promises and hot orgasmic sex. God, she would never get enough of this man.

Nodding her head, she pulled open the door and peered out. Seeing that the hallway was empty, she ran to her door and let herself in.

Though she had just spent the night with Luke and Cole, she wanted nothing more than to get right back to them as fast as she could.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Friday passed quickly. Luke, Cole, and Sierra spent the day talking to vendors and potential clients, as well as managing to have lunch together, all three of them. Tonight they were all invited to dinner for XTX at a Brazilian steakhouse located on Las Vegas Blvd. Sierra had rushed back to the hotel, leaving both men to finish up at the conference, despite their arguments that at least one of them should accompany her back.

Well, that would have been nice, but she feared it would also be a distraction she could ill afford. During the thirty minutes she’d garnered that morning to get ready, she had managed to get presentable enough to spend the day walking and talking with vendors from all over, but tonight… Well, tonight she needed a little extra time.

Luke mentioned that, after dinner, they would likely go to one of the prestigious nightclubs Vegas was famous for, and Sierra wanted to dress up. She was a girly girl to her marrow, and since she had not one, but two men she was trying to impress, she figured she would go all out.

Once inside of her hotel room, she stripped and jumped into the shower. She wasn’t in a rush since Cole had told her that they had at least two hours before dinner, but Sierra didn’t want to waste any time.

As she stood under the warm spray, she remembered what had happened that morning, specifically what she had watched happen. She felt a zing of pleasure course through her womb at the remembered way Luke had taken Cole in the shower, and then the words Cole had spoken afterwards. Was she crazy to think that something could actually come of this, other than mind blowing sex? Knowing Luke for only four days made her feel a little overzealous about the potential for this to turn into a lasting relationship.

Maybe it was hope, or maybe it was insanity. Either way, Sierra felt something for both of these men, and if the way they looked at her was anything to go by, she didn’t think this was casual on their part either.

From what she gathered during her brief conversations with both men, Luke and Cole had known each other for approximately five years, but until recently hadn’t gotten close. Even though Luke hadn’t admitted anything to her specifically, Sierra was under the impression that Cole managed to satisfy Luke’s sexual urges. She longed to be included in that.

Working conditioner through her hair, Sierra remembered the way Luke had looked last night, the vulnerability she was sure she recognized in his beautiful eyes. She might not know much about him, but she knew intuitively that he wasn’t one to leave himself susceptible to emotion unless he wanted to be. Perhaps she was being naive, thinking that he would possibly feel something for her more than just an easy lay, or someone he could have fun with for a little while.