Sierra wasn’t into casual sex, never had been, which was why she had chosen not to be with another man since her ex-husband. When she and Brian married, they had been young and incredibly stupid, but they had genuinely cared for one another, and he had been the first and only man she had ever given herself to, until last night.

Even if she and Brian weren’t looking for the same things out of life, or even out of their relationship, when they said their vows, they had meant every word. Brian might have been intimidated by her aggressiveness in the bedroom, or more importantly, her need to be controlled, but he had never been cruel. Sure, he had told her in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t give her what she wanted, but he did it gently, although she had felt like an abomination thanks to his rejection.

And then, they had gone their separate ways.

Sierra never shared her innermost thoughts with anyone after that. Not one person, aside from Luke and Cole, knew her desires. And until Luke had told her that he wasn’t into playing games, Sierra had been misguided in how she had approached him. Just one look into his eyes told her everything she needed to know about the man. He was strong, masculine, and utterly alpha, but he was also tender, and just as exposed as the next person when it came to matters of the heart.

She got the impression that he was guarded, and he had reason to be. Luke needed something more than he showed the world. He was demanding, and she felt the underlying aggression that flowed steadily just beneath the surface; his need to protect himself from anyone who might expect too much from him. That would explain his desire to be a participant in other people’s relationships, rather than to have one of his own.

The same went for Cole.

Except with Cole, Sierra knew he was more open to expressing his feelings. He didn’t hide who he was or what he wanted. From the outside looking in, he appeared just as dangerous, just as closed off as Luke, but she saw it in the way he looked at Luke. He had come to the point in his life where he needed something more. She just wasn’t sure if Luke had come to that point yet.

Rinsing the conditioner from her hair, then lathering up and scrubbing her body puff over herself, Sierra finished in the shower and resumed getting dressed in her room. Allowing the steam to dissipate from the bathroom, she pulled on her silk robe and sat on the couch for a few minutes, glancing out at the strip.

Her mind drifted to a conversation she had heard earlier in the day between Logan and Sam. They were talking about Luke, and from what she overheard, the two of them were talking about inviting him to their bed again. Again.

Something dark and possessive had taken root in her soul. Dark enough that she had asked Cole about it when they had taken a break to sate a much needed afternoon caffeine fix.

Cole reassured her that although Luke had been involved with Sam a time or two, nothing had happened between them for at least two months that he knew of. He didn’t go into detail about the actual incidents, but she understood a little more about Logan and his own kinks. Being Luke’s identical twin, she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t seen it before.

According to Cole, Logan enjoyed sharing his wife with other men, but he was very selective about who he would allow into their bedroom. His obvious first choice was his twin brother, but since the last night, which Cole hadn’t gone into detail, Luke hadn’t been back to their bed.

Sierra genuinely liked Samantha, and she completely understood Luke’s physical appeal, but aside from the fact that Sierra had shared a bed with two men – something she was still surprised by – she wasn’t into sharing either of them with anyone else. But she couldn’t tell Luke that. He wasn’t the type to take orders from anyone, nor would he take kindly to stipulations, and she would sound like the crazy, jealous girlfriend if she did. So that was out of the question.

Suddenly feeling a little depressed about the state of her newfound relationship, or whatever it was called, Sierra wondered if maybe she should just back off. Was she strong enough to handle a man like Luke? Or Cole? They were both successful, confident men who knew what they wanted and went after it with all that they had. She was living proof of that.

Neither of them had shied away from showing her who they really were, from introducing her to a part of themselves that she knew they didn’t show the world. How many women had they shared between them? Not many, if she had to guess. From what she gathered from Cole, he was generally the third in his sexual exploits, being included with married couples. She could only assume Luke was the same, especially if he had been included in Sam and Logan’s relationship.

God she was crazy. What the hell was she getting herself into? She had spent the last eleven years of her life walking around with a false sense of bravado that was based on her carnal needs and unfulfilled desires. So when it came to a relationship with men like Luke and Cole, she didn’t have any previous relationships to compare this one to. Never had she had the confidence to even attempt to find out more about this lifestyle that she felt was so much a part of her.