Not that she really cared what kind of mood he was in, as long as he could manage to be polite and courteous for four days, only a few hours at a time while they were in Vegas.

Moments later, Sierra was climbing out of the back seat, coming to join Samantha standing at the side of the car.

“Brace yourself.” Sam smiled brightly, looking almost playful.

“Is there something I should know before we go in?” Sierra asked, for the second time questioning what she was walking into.

“Not specifically. Let’s just say that Logan’s brother is the darker twin.”

“Darker?” Confusion set in, and Sierra tried to comprehend what Sam was saying.

“You know, mysterious. Ominous.” Sam laughed as she took Logan’s hand.

Great. Just what Sierra needed. Her mind immediately conjured up a version of Logan McCoy; only this one had a permanent scowl, making him look sinister. She smiled to herself.

With a deep breath, she stood up straighter, adjusted her short skirt, and steeled herself for whatever was to come.

How bad could it be?

Chapter Two

“You find it?” Kane asked, looking both weary and determined as Luke approached.

“Of course I fucking found it.” Luke growled, slamming the invoice on the bar top. “Right on my desk. Now you want to tell me how we lost eight cases of our best vodka?” Luke knew he was being an asshole, and he knew that Kane was working his ass off trying to figure out what the hell had happened during the week that the other man had also been on vacation, but Luke didn’t need theories, he wanted fucking answers.

Three thousand dollars’ worth of vodka didn’t just up and walk away, yet no one seemed to know a damn thing.

“Shit, Luke. I don’t have any idea.” Kane answered, running his fingers through his shaggy, brown hair, a clear sign the man was at a loss.

Sucking in a ragged breath, Luke glanced around the near empty main floor of the club – the equivalent of counting to ten – in an attempt to hold on to the anger that was begging to break free. He only hoped there weren’t any customers getting a firsthand glimpse of his tirade.

Since all other areas were limited to their exclusive members by design, he should have thought to have his mental breakdown behind the big double doors that separated the two divisions of the club. However, since Club Destiny saw a large portion of its overall revenue from the public club and bar, Luke spent a lot of his time right in that very spot.

Staring at the empty area now, Luke acknowledged the dim lights above weren’t nearly as attractive as the neon glow of blue and red that outlined the walls and the bar when the club was open. The usual mass of bodies that filled Club Destiny from wall to wall was nowhere to be found, nor was the noise that came with so many people occupying one place. To be honest, Luke wasn’t sure which way he preferred most.

As he tried to gain his composure, not wanting to beat up on Kane too much, Luke inhaled deeply, took one more look around until his eyes landed on the man sitting at a table near the back.


Luke wasn’t feeling overly social, and Cole Ackerley was the last person he wanted to talk to. Thankfully, it didn’t look like Cole was up for talking either. Instead, Cole sat at an empty table, drinking what appeared to be a soda, rather than the shot of whiskey he normally favored.

For all intents and purposes, Cole looked like he didn’t give a damn that Luke was staring his way, but Luke felt the heat of Cole’s midnight blue eyes burning a hole into him. They certainly had some things they needed to talk about, but like usual, Luke would put that disaster waiting to happen off for a little while.

Since Cole was one of the main reasons Luke had gone MIA for the last two months, there wasn’t much he could say, even if he wanted to. After everything that had happened between them that night…

Not going there.

Those damned demons he’d managed to bury temporarily were not going to show up now. If he wasn’t careful, Luke would manage to brew up a shit storm of issues he hadn’t been able to figure out during those few weeks he’d disappeared. Since he hadn’t been able to get to the bottom of them then, he knew for damn sure it wouldn’t be happening now.

He didn’t give a damn what that said about him, or how much of an asshole that made him look like. Luke was not ready to address that little clusterfuck.

At least not right now.

He’d wallow in the denial for a little while longer, thank you very much.

His reaction to Cole that night had been pulled from deep down inside of him, and Luke knew that was a part of him that he couldn’t contain. A part of him that set him apart from the rest. Did it bother him? No, not usually. Until now. He’d always been open to sexual experiences that bordered on the taboo.