She was a coward. And here she was, easily jumping into being with two men, and though she was thrilled with the idea of it, her heart was already searching for more. On top of that, she was just getting her business off the ground, utilizing the small nest egg she had established, but other than that, she didn’t have anything to offer them.

She should just enjoy the sex while she had the opportunity. No strings, no complications. Why did she have to go in search of love? What made her think that Luke or Cole would even feel something for her the way that she already felt for them?

Cole had made reference to it just that morning, but maybe she had been mistaken. Maybe he was talking about the ménage, the fact that he was able to be with Luke, the way he apparently wanted, and she was just the extra that came along with it?


She was doing it again. Thinking too damn much.

Forcing herself up and off of the couch, she went back to the bathroom and proceeded to get ready. Maybe, if she spent an hour or so fixing herself up, she could dredge up a little of that self-confidence she seemed to have left on the airplane when she arrived in Vegas.

Chapter Twelve

By the time Luke made it back to the hotel, he was ready for a shower. More importantly, he was ready to see Sierra, but there wasn’t time for that. He needed to take a few minutes to clean up so that they could make it to dinner on time. Logan had been adamant that they not arrive late, and Luke didn’t want to disappoint his brother. He wasn’t sure why not exactly, but he wasn’t going to fight it.

Once inside of his room, he noticed that the maid had changed the sheets and made the bed, neatly organizing the other items he’d left out that morning, including Sierra’s panties and bra. The blood rushed south as he pictured her removing them. With that mental image playing on constant repeat he quickly disrobed and got in the shower, doing his best to hurry.

The temptation to take his semi-erect cock in his own hands and stroke himself to completion was more than he could resist. Throughout the day, he’d been tortured by the thoughts of what happened the night before, the pure eroticism and the intoxicating lust they had shared. The tryst in the shower that morning, with Cole, had sent him over the edge, but his body still ached for Sierra in a way he couldn’t understand.

She had been on his mind throughout the day, so much so that when Logan briefly hinted at Sam’s desire to have him join them again, Luke had blatantly turned him down. He’d seen the disappointment on Logan’s face, but then, there was recognition. Thankfully, Logan didn’t ask any questions, and Luke didn’t offer any excuses. A simple no was all he could muster.

As far as he was concerned, at least for the time being, he didn’t have the energy, or the desire, for anyone other than the two people who were filling every lustful thought, every carnal desire already.

Glancing down, Luke focused on stroking his cock with soap lathered fingers. He had no idea how he could even get it up after that morning, the way Cole had milked him dry, but he was hard as granite, and he was sure he wouldn’t last five minutes once he was alone with either of them again, so he quickened his pace, closed his eyes and pictured burying himself deep inside of Sierra. He had yet to experience the exquisite sensation of her beautiful body.

Within minutes he groaned out his release, but the hand job didn’t sate the hunger that still beat like a bass drum inside of him.

Tonight he had something in store for her. Something that would push Sierra past the boundaries she wasn’t aware she had erected. Though she wanted to indulge in his lifestyle, which was nothing more than uninhibited sex, Luke was still confident that she didn’t understand the full depth of that commitment.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Dinner went off without a hitch. Luke had ensured they made it to the restaurant on time, though that had been a difficult task. The second Sierra opened her hotel room door, he’d lost all common sense. She had stood before him and Cole, dressed in a barely there red dress that rode high on her toned, creamy thighs and accentuated the voluptuous curves of her breasts. The knee high, black, leather boots nearly had him coming in his jeans.

For the last three hours, he’d been tortured by the mere sight of her. Luke watched the confident way she spoke, the assurance in the way she moved, the sexy way she tossed those silky, long tresses over her shoulder when she laughed. He even watched the way other men looked at her and for the first time in his life, he felt a killing rage.

He got the impression that Cole felt the same, which was amusing considering the company they were in and the fact that he was sure Sierra wasn’t quite ready for the world, or her mother, to know that she was currently playing the filling in a carnal delight sandwich.