However, Luke had barely contained the desire to punch a few men who glued their eyes to her sinfully hot body for longer than they should have. Based on the way Sierra had smiled at him, she was aware of the burning fury in his gut, and the damn temptress had laughed. She’d pay for that later, he promised himself and her as well.

“Thanks for dinner, Xavier.” Luke graciously thanked their host as the entire XTX party began going their separate ways. “I appreciate the invite and please, let me know if there is anything else I can do.”

During dinner, Luke briefly discussed with Xavier some of the vendors that he needed some help with for a few deals he had in the works. Both Cole and Luke listened with half an ear, their attention mostly on Sierra, but somehow through his lust hazed brain, Luke had understood and offered to contribute during the last day of the conference on Saturday.

“Thanks for all your help, Luke. You too, Cole. I know Alex greatly appreciates you being available on such short notice. You kids have a good night, and we’ll see you bright and early in the morning.” Xavier stated and then joined Veronica on their way out the door.

Sierra was saying her goodbyes to her mother as Xavier approached, and as soon as she was alone, both Cole and Luke descended.

“Let me tell Logan and Sam goodbye, and I’ll meet the two of you in the parking lot. The limo should be waiting.” Luke stated, and he noticed a slight frown shape Sierra’s glossy red lips. “Is everything ok?”

Sierra immediately smiled, though the gesture didn’t quite reach her eyes. Luke wanted to find out what was bothering her, but the restaurant wasn’t the time or the place, so he shrugged it off for now and went in search of his brother.

By the time he made it to the parking lot, Cole and Sierra were already in the limo waiting for him. He quickly joined them after informing the driver of their destination. They’d be taking the scenic route.

Sierra was sitting beside Cole on the opposite side as Luke, and she looked nervous. Figuring she’d just spent the better part of the evening wining and dining her mother’s employer, Sierra probably needed a little time off from having to work. Luke had just the plan to help her relax.

“Cole got the pleasure of having his dick in your mouth last night. Tonight it’s my turn.” Luke said crassly, not caring for a minute how he sounded. Based on the way Sierra shuddered, her eyes lighting up like a flame, he knew he’d hit his mark.

He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down, pulling his cock free and stroking it slowly. “Come put your mouth on me.”

With something that resembled determination, Sierra slid to her knees on the floor of the limo and leaned over him, her eyes watching as his hand stroked up and down. When she was close enough, he put his hand on her head and pulled her forward roughly, a spark of defiance shining in her brilliant blue irises. He liked that about her. He liked that she wanted to be dominated, but she needed to be forced. Sierra wasn’t the type of woman to just do what she was told.

No, she was feisty.

“That’s it, baby. Take me all the way in, wrap your lips around my cock.” Luke groaned as he guided her head down on him, shoving his cock as far as he could without making her gag. Her slim fingers were wrapped around the base of his shaft, squeezing gently as she began to rhythmically move her hot, wet mouth over him.

“Have you ever sucked two cocks at the same time?” Luke knew the answer to that question, but he was going for the shock factor. When she managed to shake her head negatively, he once again pulled her closer, shoving his cock deeper. “God that’s good.”

Luke made eye contact with Cole and the other man knew exactly what he wanted. Without hesitation, he moved over to sit directly behind where Sierra was kneeling on the floor as he released his cock from the confines of his jeans. Gliding his hand into her glossy hair, Cole turned her head, forcing Luke’s cock from her mouth before he eased past those ruby red lips.

“Damn that’s hot. The way you want to take us both.” Luke added, moving closer.

Sierra got the idea when she took him in her hand and slowly stroked while she bathed Cole’s shaft with her tongue, then turned and gave Luke the same attention. Before long she had managed to get her mouth around the engorged heads of both of them, just barely, licking and sucking while they watched her intently. The sensation of her mouth, mixed with the feel of Cole’s dick rubbing against his own was hotter than hell.

“Fuck.” Cole grabbed her by the head once more, burying his dick in her mouth, and fucking with wild abandon. “Take me, Sierra. Take all of me. That’s it, baby. Fuck! Just like that.”