Cole’s commentary was making Sierra bob faster, her cheeks hollowed until Cole could no longer hold back, coming deep in her mouth.

Sierra didn’t hesitate before she swallowed and turned her attention back to Luke, performing the same ministrations until Luke was gripping her head roughly, shoving his steel hard shaft deep into the wet, hot cavern of her mouth.

“Fuck!” Luke growled and came, hot spurts filling her mouth. He didn’t release his grip on her head until she’d milked him dry.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Sierra wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but the next thing she knew, the limo had pulled into one of the prestigious resorts that catered to the young and trendy and housed one of the hottest, most exclusive clubs in Vegas. She was surprised to see that both men had tucked their spent cocks back inside of their jeans, which she was eternally grateful for because the limo door opened and the driver stood patiently by as Luke exited, followed by Cole. Both men waited for her to join them, each of them taking one of her hands in his and leading her to the main entrance to the club.

There was a long line that wrapped around the front, but apparently Luke didn’t believe in waiting. If the limo ride was anything to go by, the man wasn’t big on patience.

Once they reached the bouncer manning the door, Luke spoke quietly to the man, then slipped him what appeared to be money before the burly man took a step back, unhooked the rope and allowed them to enter. Luke wrapped a protective arm around her and pulled her up against his side as they walked inside.

Sierra was visually assaulted by bright flashing lights and a sea of bodies moving and dancing to the music that blared from various speakers throughout. She could barely hear herself think, much less be able to have a conversation with anyone.

Cole separated from them as Luke led her up a set of stairs to another level where there appeared to be private tables. Surprisingly the sound was somewhat muted, and Sierra’s brain stopped pounding out the familiar beat.

“I take it you know someone.” Sierra stated, taking a seat in the velvet covered, half-moon booth while Luke took a seat beside her, keeping her close.

“I know a lot of people.” He said without arrogance. “What do you think?”

“It’s nice. I’ve been here once before, but it was years ago and I was here for one of my best friends bachelorette party’s so suffice it to say, I don’t remember a lot about that night.”

“Party girl, are you?”

“Not really.” Sierra never had been one to go out to the clubs, or take part in the trendy night life, but when she came to Vegas, all bets were off. It was about having a good time and going with the flow.

Luke leaned in closer, putting his mouth up against her ear, and Sierra held her breath. The heat of his breath sent a shiver over her, and the way his big, rough hand traveled up her thigh set her blood to boiling. She wasn’t sure how she was going to make it through the night if he continued to make her crazy with lust. Quite possibly that was his intention.

“You don’t know how bad I want to feel you wrapped around my cock. Watching you ride me hard and fast.”

Her womb spasmed. Spasmed! And she clenched her thighs together. Thankfully the noise was loud enough to drown out her sigh, or there would be people looking at her to see what was wrong. Sierra longed for the same thing, wanted to feel him inside her, though her fantasy was of his big body covering her… however, she was willing to compromise.

“I don’t know how long I can wait.”

His admission went straight to her heart, and Sierra found herself hoping against hope that she would never stop hearing those words. She looked deep into his eyes, trying to read him, trying to let him know just how much she wanted him. “I need you.” She whispered, and if he didn’t hear the words, he at least understood what she was saying.

Luke’s hand trailed further up her thigh, and Sierra glanced around to see if anyone was watching. They were tucked into a private table, with a miniscule amount of privacy, but not nearly enough for what Luke was doing. He slipped his hand between her thighs, parting her legs until he was able to use his finger to part her labia, another finger lightly caressing her clit. Sierra nearly lost it, the feeling was exquisite. Even if the atmosphere was all wrong the man was oh so right.

“Luke.” She couldn’t hold back the moan as she leaned against him, ducking her head into his shoulder where she felt his pulse beat in his neck and was able to breathe in the essence of the man. His scent was unique; something dark and forbidden, and tempting.

What was it about this man that made her lose touch with reality? Do things she only imagined doing, but never having the guts to?