“Do you ever touch yourself, Sierra?” Luke continued to torture her with one finger while his calm, smooth voice whispered in her ear. She could tell he was in no rush, but wondered how long they would go unnoticed in the crowded club.

“Yes.” She admitted easily, her body burning hotter as he forced one finger, then two, deep inside of her.

“How many men have you ever been with?”

The way he carried on the semi casual conversation nearly had her groaning, but somehow she managed to answer. “Including last night?”


“Before last night, I’ve only ever been with one man. That man was my husband.”

She swore she felt Luke’s hand stop moving, but only for a second before he drove deeper, curling just right so he stroked the one spot he knew would send her into hyperspace.

“What else are you wearing under that dress?” Luke asked, his eyes focused on her.

She hesitated for only a second before she answered. “Nothing.”

Sierra wasn’t sure where Luke was going with all of the personal questions, but her body was on fire. Maybe it was the dress, or the way he was fingering her in public, or maybe it was the way he looked at her, as though she were completely naked sitting in the middle of an overly crowded nightclub.

“Show me.”

Was he serious? There were people around and feeling naked and being naked were two very different things.

Despite all of that, Luke’s deep, penetrating voice sent chills down her spine and made her shiver. He wanted her to show him that she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. Right here. Right now. She hadn’t gone without her bra and panties intentionally, but the way the dress molded to her body wouldn’t allow for anything to be worn underneath without showing lines, so she opted to go without. Now she questioned her judgment.

“Now.” Luke insisted.

Sierra jerked at his tone, her pussy spasming around his finger as she nearly came from the gruff sound of his voice and the sensual intrusion. The smirk on his face told her that he knew exactly what he was doing to her. He knew what she wanted, and he was pushing her.

Fine. He probably thought she wouldn’t do it.

Taking in a deep fortifying breath, and wondering why the hell she didn’t have a drink, Sierra slowly slid the dress down over her breasts, the cool air making her nipples pucker.

“Beautiful.” He said, and Sierra felt his appreciation all the way to her toes.

Sierra lifted her bottom off of the seat an inch so that she could pull the clingy fabric further up her legs. A cool draft drifted between her thighs, the bare skin of her mound tingling from the sensation.

“Do you like putting on a show? Or just being told what to do?”

She wasn’t sure which it was, or whether it was a little of both. Giving it some thought, she finally answered him truthfully. “Both.”

Now sitting on display, her breasts bared completely while Luke’s hand continued its sensual assault, Sierra fought for breath. When Cole walked up, his eyes glossy with what appeared to be lust, Sierra thought she might just come. When he moved into the booth on the other side of her, shielding her even more from any unexpected, prying eyes, Sierra was hanging by a thread.

“I want to watch Cole lick your sweet pussy.”

“Right now?” She was struck with disbelief. It was one thing for him to finger her beneath the table, or even for her to bare her breasts in the darkened corner, but if Cole were to bury his face between her legs, they would surely attract some attention.

“Right now. Right here.” Luke confirmed. “Think you can handle it?”

No. “Yes.” She said, fierce determination replacing her sudden modesty.

Sierra glanced at Cole as he moved to situate her in the booth so that he could slide between her legs. He pushed her legs open wider, giving him full access to her dripping wet pussy right there in the booth. Luke maneuvered himself so that he was shielding them both from view. God she was going to come just sitting here, the anticipation was driving her crazy. The remembered feel of Cole’s tongue made her want to thrust forward, to force his mouth on her. Instead, she waited patiently as she met Luke’s intense stare.

“Put your mouth on her, Cole.” Luke instructed in that low, hedonistic tone of his, and then moved closer; still blocking them from anyone else’s wandering eyes. He didn’t touch her immediately, but she felt his gaze like a physical caress. “You are so damn beautiful.”

His words lit the flames inside of her while Cole’s mouth fanned them.

Sierra was suddenly awash in sensation, the cool air in the club caressing her exposed skin while the warmth of Cole’s talented mouth played over her, his tongue flicking back and forth over her sensitive clit. She wasn’t going to last, and whether it was due to the fact that Cole could play her body like a violin, or because she was practically naked in a public place with two of the sexiest men she had ever met, she didn’t know. Either way, her orgasm was building to a crescendo, and when it took her, she feared she wouldn’t survive it.

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