Luke bent his head, placing his lips on her puckered nipple, using the flat side of his tongue to tease, before sucking her fully into his mouth. At the same time, Cole drove his tongue deep inside of her while he used his thumb to press against her clit until her body exploded and she was unable to hold on.

When Sierra came, Luke covered her mouth with his, swallowing her cry of ecstasy, even though no one would have heard with all of the noise anyway. As her body loosened, her breathing returning to normal, Luke watched as Cole fixed her dress, covering her once again.

“Tell me, Sierra. Tell me what you want.” Luke coerced as she returned to a sitting position between both men, her face hot from embarrassment.

“I want you.” She admitted. “I want you, Luke. Any way I can have you.”

Luke looked at her, and Sierra half expected him to lift her from the seat and carry her out of the club. Raw, passionate, hunger swirled in the brown and green hues, a promise of things to come.

She hadn’t even noticed the three drinks now sitting on the table, apparently Cole’s doing. A quick look at him and she saw the same passion in his eyes, but before he said anything, his mouth was on hers as Luke slid his hand up her thigh again. His hot, insistent tongue dueled with hers and Sierra tasted herself on his lips.

My God, they were in a public place, sitting in a booth that didn’t offer significant cover, and she’d already had one explosive orgasm while more than half naked mind you, and was now being groped by one man and playing tonsil hockey with the other. Surprisingly, she didn’t want to be anywhere else. Unless of course she was naked and they were taking her to places she’d never been before, preferably not in public.

Cole gripped the back of her head and held her close as he devoured her mouth, and Sierra couldn’t get enough of him. Despite the need, the urgency, his kiss was incredibly gentle. When they came up for air, he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’ve waited all night to do that.” He said, running his finger down the long strands of her hair, brushing the outside curve of her breast and then teasing her nipple. So the man might be gentle, but he was in no way innocent.

Then Luke turned her head, palming the back of her neck as he locked his mouth to hers. Sierra knew she should worry what others would think about the woman in the red dress making out with two men at the same time, but she couldn’t come up with the urge to care. With Luke’s talented mouth kissing her like she had never been kissed before, both hungry and gentle, Sierra didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything except him.

“I would ask you to dance, but I fear I’ll strip you naked and fuck you right there on the dance floor, people be damned.” He said as he kissed her chin, then her jaw. “As much as I wanted this to be a night out, I don’t think I can take much more.”

Those were the words she longed to hear. As nice as the club was, as much of the Vegas vibe that flowed through the place, Sierra wanted nothing more than to go back to their hotel, or shit, even the limo so she could get her hands on this man.

“I’m ready when you are.” She said, and before she could take another breath, Luke was pulling her out from the booth, and she had to fight to fix her dress, not wanting to flash half the place as he led her and Cole down the stairs and back out through the main doors they’d come in only minutes ago.

Her only thought… she hadn’t even had a chance to have a drink.

Chapter Thirteen

Luke felt like a teenager who was about to get laid for the first time. He had fully intended to merely tease Sierra, but when he had buried his finger deep inside her, finding her slick and warm, he hadn’t thought of anything more than making her come. Thinking about how she would feel wrapped tightly around his cock hadn’t fared well for him. Hell, if Cole hadn’t shown up when he did, the other man might have been looking for a ride home. Instead, Luke insisted on making Sierra come, but he couldn’t do it himself. Not yet. He wouldn’t have been able to bury his head between her legs and be satisfied with just that.

So, Cole had obediently licked her pussy until she came right in the club, and now the three of them were climbing back into the limo, heading back to their hotel. For Vegas standards, it was still early, just a little after midnight, but Luke didn’t give a shit. He’d gladly spend the remaining night hours buried deep inside of the woman who was sitting beside him now. He didn’t even have the strength to tease her, for fear he would come in his jeans long before he ever got them off.

Thankfully the drive back to the hotel was a short one, and once they arrived, the three of them exited like the limo was on fire.