Luke had to make a conscious effort to tip the driver, then to walk through the casino rather than run. He was holding Sierra’s hand while Cole held her other, and she was nearly running just to keep up with their long strides. He had to give her credit; she made walking in heels look like child’s play.

Once inside the elevator, Luke pressed her up against the wall, cameras be damned. For her sake, he didn’t use his hands, but he did crush his mouth to hers as she twined her fingers into his hair.

“Remember, there are cameras in here.” He warned her as she attempted to climb his body.

“At this point, I don’t mind an audience.” Her soft laugh made him smile. He liked that she was so hot, so responsive to his touch.

The elevator dinged, announcing their arrival at their floor and Luke allowed her to walk out in front of him so he could enjoy the view. Cole fell into step beside him, but on the way to Luke’s room, Cole stopped at his own.

“What are you doing?” Luke asked, clearly confused.

“Giving you some space.”

“If I wanted space, I would have fucking asked for it.” He told him, taking one step closer. “When I want to be with her alone, I’ll let you know.” Gripping the back of Cole’s neck, he brought his face close to the other man, his eyes raking over his near perfect features.

Cole had the ability to turn him on like no one he’d ever met before, until Sierra. And yes, he was more than a little confused about what it was he wanted, but tonight, his intentions were clear. He didn’t trust himself alone with Sierra. Not yet. His emotions were all over the place and being alone with her would likely result in him thinking something stupid.

Partly because she had him scared shitless of all that he might want from her.

Cole nodded his understanding, and they moved down to Luke’s door, where he ran the key card through the reader and pushed the door open hard enough to slam into the wall.

“I want you naked.” He ordered Sierra, crowding her against the wall as the door slammed shut behind them. “Fuck. Leave the boots on.”

Without finesse, Luke helped her to remove the dress, pulling it up and over her head – thank God for spandex. When she stood gloriously naked in nothing but those fuck me boots and a smile, Luke took a second to look his fill. Her skin was a creamy white, her long, glossy black hair a stark contrast against her pale skin. Her eyes sparkled like the clear blue waters of the ocean and were focused on him.

Luke pressed her into the wall as she tried to hurriedly unbutton his shirt. Apparently she was frustrated with the pace because she pulled and buttons went flying, and then her hands were on him. He started on his jeans, but she shoved his hands away, deftly undoing the button and then quickly and, bless her, gently eased the zipper down. Luke knew he couldn’t wait. He managed to push his jeans down over his hips and then he lifted Sierra, pressing her back into the wall, her legs wrapped around him as he thrust inside of her. Damn she was so fucking tight.

He held still for a moment, allowing her body to adjust to his size, but then she was wrapped around him completely, her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and she was trying to impale herself on him.

“Slow baby.” He warned, knowing he wouldn’t last this first time.

“I don’t want slow.” She argued and then crushed her mouth to his. Sweet, erotic whimpers told him how much she needed him.

“Put your hands on my shoulders.” He told her, breaking the kiss and gripping her tighter.

When her hands were braced, he gripped her ass, holding her up as he rammed into her again and again.

“Luke!” She screamed his name, her body gripping him like a velvet vice and he had to grit his teeth to keep his head from exploding. Literally.

“Fuck, baby.” Luke growled, continuing to pound inside of her, unable to stop himself. He leaned forward, nipped her shoulder as she came around his cock. When her body stilled, he carried her over to the bed. He needed more room, better traction. Still buried deep inside of her delectable body, he followed her onto the bed, never unsheathing himself from her body, lifting her legs over his arms so he could get a better angle.

Angling as deep as he could, Luke slowed his thrusts, wanting to hang on a little bit longer. When he noticed Cole in his peripheral vision, standing beside the bed, his jeans unbuttoned, stroking his cock in a rhythm to match Luke’s thrusts, another thread loosened inside of him and he barely restrained himself. Sierra began moving; lifting her ass to meet his thrusts, and Luke couldn’t hang on. He pressed her into the mattress, bending her nearly in half as he pounded into her over and over, harder and faster.